Monday, June 29, 2009

If you think you can, you can.

I love love this quote. . my Dad always tells me that I can do anything i put my mind to. I know I can with the Lord. ANYTHING i want.

I was thinking today how big it is that I moved away from my family that I'm so close to. I have already grown so much and have had so many fun experiences that I will look back on and miss. School's going good, 0nly six more weeks left. I'm learning so much and have met such cute girls. My grandpa came in this week and let me cut his hair. I felt very special since he has been going to the same barber for YEARS. He said he liked it;)

Wed night I went to the dollar theaters with Tara and her guy friends to see TAKEN. So intense! Remind me to never go to Paris with one girl friend.. or if I do-- bring my pepper spray. ha

Thursday: The Dover Kids and Susie came over for dinner. It was so much having them over. It was hard knowing what they would want since, Jensen likes dinosaur nuggets, Marcus loves corn dogs and brescia pasta.. So i decided I couldn't go wrong with Cheese Ravioli and Pazookies!

Friday night was girls night AGAIN!! It's been so much fun making new girlfriends here. We went to Pizza Factory - It was so yummy..

Then we went to Color Me Mine & painted stuff! I painted a cute zebra & giraffe plate:)

Brandon Mitchell came to visit me- we doubled with Tara and his friend Christian. It was SO much fun to see him! It had been so many years! Tara & I were laughing the whole night.. They are such fun boys. We randomly climbed on the E Centers hockey statues. It was such a beautiful night .. we had fun jammin to country music!

I spent the night with Tara and then went to her singles ward that morning. I love her. She's such an amazing person.

BEAUTIFUL sunday weather!

I got a lot of pictures this week from my sis. DANG, i love her and my family.. this is my new background on my phone..
So we sent them this...

web cam with my fam!

Sunday was so much fun! We celebrated Grandma's birthday & had Justin and Beth with us from baltimore!!

I love my uncle.
ha dont ask.

Jac is taller than me! AH!!

Emily loves to make silly faces. . she's toothless!
i love being close to my utah family. I had a sleepover with the Parish's! We watched the modern version of pride and predjudice and made headbands!! It was so much fun. Nicki was so cute, so was so willing to give up her bed and she slept on the floor. These kids are so giving and loving! I just love them!!


Monica said...

You do accomplish everything you put your mind to--you are amazing that way! What a fun week...I love how you enjoy the little moments. You are going to look back on this season in your life with such fondness. I wish
I could have been there to make headbands. It looks so fun! I miss and love you. Give everyone my love and tell Justin and Beth hello from me!

Amber said...

Having you spend the night was such a treat for us!! Nicki made headband attachments all the next day. Can't wait to have you over again! On a Sunday that Justin is not here we can get to our house early and have more time to party.

LOVE You, !

The Breinholts said...

Jos! I love to see you just THRIVING! So glad you are having an amazing time up there! We miss you too! Keep on smiling, and be happy not to be in the AZ sun right now--it is really hot! Love ya!

Boise Buhrley's said...

It makes me so happy to see you having such fun! I just love reading your blog.

Are you working on Saturday July 18th? Lou is bringing the kids down on the 17th. Do you have openings for 4 kid cuts, one Lou cut, and maybe some highlights for Mandi? Let us know what that day looks like for you!


Amber said...

That was so fun! Thanks for coming over. I'm going to get stuff to make headbands... I love them! I can't wait to see you on Saturday!
Love, Trisha

marilyn said...

Jos makes everything fun, I don't want this time to end its so wonderful seeing how happy she is and how she picks up and makes lemonade out of lemons, and I do mean lemons. The world is a better place with her around! love you

Willi Nixon said...

jos you're so cute :) i love and miss you i'm so happy you're having fun!