Thursday, June 4, 2009

Life is a beautiful thing

I love love my school. It really is such a nice school. I've learned SO much already and It's only been three days. Today was my first day taking clients. I had four haircuts. It's awesome to learn the school's different techniques! I also got $14 in tips today! :) Hey, that's some income for the poor student that I am!

Here's my station. Cute huh?

Haha. We named our heads Cici and Her. We are nerds.

This is us singing to my life would suck without you. Haha. We love jammin out in the car.. We still do it even though this guy we met told us he saw us one day. Funny.
We went to a bbq with a group of people last night. It was fun. We sang while the guys played the guitar, had hamburgers then later roasted marshmellows. The weather is so nice here in the summer. I'm IN LOVE.

The smoke always went towards me.

Haha. Lacey was enjoying her Mallow


As you can see: we had way too much fun on the way home.

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