Sunday, June 7, 2009

Families are FOREVER

Thank Goodness Families are Forever. I'm so grateful for this knowledge. I have the best family IN THE WHOLE WORLD. It's been so much fun to be with my extended Family in Utah. Last Sunday we had a BBQ and Mitch was here from EFY!

Lace and I eating our hamburgers

I have the cutest cousins ever!

It was so much fun because I had family night with my family through web cam tonight! It was on pornography. It really is a scary thing. It RUINS families and marriages. I'm so grateful that we can grasp onto the gospel and pray to keep us away from temptations.

It was so much fun seeing my family.. I really felt like I was apart of them.. They put me at the dinner table on top of a place mat:) I love them so much.. when I saw them, I have to admit my eyes teared up. . I love them more than life. They even put Roxy and Paco on. I have the cutest family!

Ya. They miss me:)

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Meg said...

Cute blog Jos! So glad for technology!