Thursday, July 26, 2012


etsy shop!
just opened one up! i'm loving these turban headbands for my shop. they are 12.50 each, but for people i know they are 2 for 15 right now limited time. you can contact me at
exciting : )

go check em out!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

i'm back!

since both of our laptops decided to crash at the same time.. blogging had to be put "on hold" i have so much to catch up on. . thought i'd start with a few of my favorite pictures capturing an ohio summer and some crafts i've been up to.
  bought gently used ae capris for $5 bucks at plato's closet..made them the length i wanted and hand stitched lace. so easy and fun :)
 purchased cheap white jeans for a few bucks, dyed them coral (fabric dye at joann's) and then polka dotted them with white fabric paint. i used the eraser at the end of a pencil! takes time, but so easy. anthropolgie sells them for 100+!

 the mint jeans were so much fun! i bought white boot cut jeans for $5 bucks and made them skinny, just sewed the inside and cut the access fabric and hemmed! used fabric dye (tulip brand) joanns or walmart. i diluted the water so it was more of a minty green color! love them!
 our work dress code is changing, we are going to black and white soon, so i bought dress pants at h&m for $12 bucks and used extra fabric paint to add polka dots. i didn't want to have little dots this time, so i used the lid of a mini hairspray and it worked perfect! who says black and white can't be fun?
 my favorite summer pasta salad. add as many veggies as you want to bow tie noodles and heat over stove with lemon/ italian dressing and top with feta cheese!
 love love fruit!
 love the heat (the humidity is a little hard to get used to) and all of the flowers and sunshine we have been getting :)
love all of the trees and the fact that it doesn't get dark til 10 pm
 made new things for hip-headbands (
 used my great grandma's fabric from a dress for this one!
 loving the little bows with braids. ps i'm not wearing cardigans anymore :)
oh yes. i got bangs. i needed a change and didn't want to chop my hair off.
dr. pattee started his second year of residency! can't believe it! 3 more to go! wahoo! life is good !