Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Midnight Showing!

My very first Midnight Showing.. I really don't know how I got talked into this.. since I had school the next morning.We went with Lace's brother, Girl-friend and a bunch of their friends. Lacey and I went to school going on three and a half hours
of sleep. haha. WOW. It was a fun experience even though I wasn't impressed with the movie. . I usually don't like sequels, I think they try too hard. It was a fun night though!:) We should've just pulled an all-nighter!

Thumbs Up.

Some of the Group

this is our: "why are we here faces?" haha.

p.s my family and caleb miss me! I love this picture they sent me.

my sis is soo cute in her scrubs. i just love her and can't til she comes next week!

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