Friday, February 24, 2012

life according to my phone + beauty tips

the weather has been so good lately. i was so excited that i got to wear shoes other than boots, i had to document it.
- j had all weekend off, it was so nice having sunday all to ourselves. we went to a new spot to see lake erie. it was beautiful with the waves hitting the rocks and the sun going down!
- baby sophia can hold her self up now :) she was so giggly and cute this week.
- my "after gym cravings" i'm eating healthier with way more fruits and veggies and hardly any sweets. i went over board this holiday season:) a gym opened up a minute away from us, so now instead of a total of 45 minutes driving, i can drive one minute and get a good work out in that time and save gas:) i'm loving the zumba class, very fun!
ok, ok, i was doing good until i saw the dang girl scouts selling their yummy cookies at the mall where i work!  i can start the no sugar thing next week right? :) 
-j has been playing games with me. since it's not his favorite thing, it means even more, plus he beat me! 
-tuesday, we got our new color line shipment (matrix) 60 boxes! i've used it once so far, i made a dirty blonde client a red head. she was obssessed, and so was i. i love the consistency of the color and am excited to learn all about it! 
-we are enjoying law and order right now on netflix.. and sometimes midnight snacks:)
some of my favorite fashion ideas right now..
- the fishtail braid. i had clip in extensions, so i braided those and then just bobby pinned them behind my      ear.. but you can do it with your own hair too! 
-red lipstick is my favorite right now, don't be afraid and wear whatever you love!
 - wrapping my hair around a curling iron and leaving the ends out. gives it a beachy wave look with cute pokey outie ends :) plus, gives them a break from the heat! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

lovey dovey day

we felt so spoiled and loved this valentines! my friend jill came to visit me at work and brought me the yummiest/cutest cookies i've ever had!
the best part of living away from home are the packages! nana sent us the biggest card we've ever seen and spoiled us with money to go to dinner. mom sent us yummy chocolates, rose petals, rose soaps, socks and a cute little fabric valentine holder. oh how we felt so loved!
i sent out valentine cards to friends/family this year.. i had so much fun making them!
 this valentines was extra special because we both got off at 6. we both promised to not buy gifts this year, our joke is someday when we are rich and famous we can:) my thought is flowers die, homemade things last forever! i had a lot more time to spend on mine.. i made him a book of things i love about him from a deck of cards, i had so much fun antiquing the cards and being creative with my cricit!
here are pictures of some of the pages and the back.:) my favorite part was seeing his face as he was reading him, didn't know if he would notice all the detail cause well, he's a guy.. but he sure did!
he sure did meet my love language.. he wrote me three letters. one expressing the things he loves about me which had me melting and laughing all at the same time. 2 being his favorite memories we've had together and the last one was the minutes and seconds since we started dating ect and it was the most romantic letter ever. he gave them to me throughout the night .. i wasn't expecting more than one!
since my favorite carrabas was a 2 hour wait, j thought of having a reverse date. we had an appetizer at home and then watched a movie in bed and went to dinner around 8:30 and had no wait :) it was perfect. we hadn't been out to eat for a couple months, so it was a real treat. he gave me the last letter at the table and i started crying.. he sure is a thoughtful man. 
the best part is, every day feels like valentines. at least once every day he makes me feel like the most special girl in the world. i'm pretty lucky:)
i do love the day, giving me an excuse to call him my valentine once a year. :)

winter wonderland

with only 5 tiny snow falls that melted the next day and only sunshine for a week in the forecast, we thought we had escaped the "famous cleveland winter" well, we didn't. this is what i saw the other day, when i opened the front door..
good thing it's beautiful. i'm still not used to driving in it, but i think it will get hasn't been icy.. i 'm sure people think of me when i drive, how i used to think of the az snowbirds..
love the sunset + the whole street covered in snow.
i get excited when i see green trees, the majority are brown, so you see the reason for the excitement. i love the barn and  the fields in every season!
my snow angel.. i didn't want to get my hair wet, so it doesn't have a head:) love the snow on the evergreen tree..
j had to work after church yesterday, and i was feeling adventurous. it's a tradition for us to explore something new on sundays.. and i wanted to see how lake erie looked with snow. . so i went alone. this is an example of how huge and amazing the houses are on the lake!
i'm pretty sure lake erie is prettier in the summer.. haha:)

1. i made these "i love you because" frames for the ladies i visit teach for valentines. the cost was $2 since i got the frame and the pen at the dollar store! the pen is dry erase, so you can write things you love about your family on the glass :) 2. my curls. took me 7 minutes after i let my hair air dry! curling with the straightner is my new best friend. 3. the view walking out of church 4. j eating an oreo doughnut at voodoo doughnuts on his trip. 5. pizza/breadsticks at a much needed girls day. :)
love every second of babysitting little sophia rose :) babies are just so precious! i always come home baby hungry!
my mom sent me my quilt! she paid for it to be quilted. i love it so much! it's so soft and cuddly with the minky on the back and brings so much color to our couch! this won't be my last quilt i make!
1.  melissa and i at work, the salon has been so busy and i've loved it! 2. more trees. 3. my high heels for church ( hard to walk in snow with heels) 4. cutest shoe chair at the mall 5.sunday dinner for one:)
j switched his schedule around so he could attend his good friend, mikes wedding in washington! he had such a good time getting to know his wifey to be, seeing old friends and making new ones! we are so happy for the new mr. and mrs!
j sent me this picture.. he wanted me to tell him what i think happened.. i failed haha. i  love when he brings me treats that he gets free at the hospital. . sushi, ice cream snickers, huge water bottles, naked juice, the yummiest chocolate bars and the recent a small pack of oreos.. i complained to him how when we get a full thing of oreo's it's so hard to control myself:) good thing he doesn't bring me treats everyday:)  
since i work the afternoon/night shift and j had the day off.. we decided to grab some hot chocolate and go to the metro parks. it was a very good day:)
love spending time with him:)