Tuesday, May 31, 2011


are forever.

{thank goodness}
i wouldn't have it any other way. i love my silly, fun, amazing family.

such handsome men .. so happy that sis and i found our prince charmings.

love my girls!

i don't know what i'd do without her. she's my bestest friend.

i sure love this man.

good thing my family will always be a call/skype away.. and i get to follow my husband to ohio, make new memories and have new adventures.

Monday, May 30, 2011

mitchell wade whiting

graduates high school.

class of 2011

older sister has bragging rights:

he was ten percent of his class,

exceeded all sections of the AIMS testing

and the centurian in seminary.

such a smarty.

oh so proud.

(can't believe it's been four years since i graduated)

where does the time go??

now off to byu and then a 2 year mission and then get married 10 years after that. (ok maybe i

i'm just dreaming cause i'm not ready for him to grow up??) regardless, great things ahead! go mitch!!

the weather was ammmaazing and it's the end of may and oh how i love az sunsets.

mitch sandwich by the sissy's
so proud to be his little big sis.

mitch giving the highland "hawk" sign

waylan said he wanted to be a garbage man when he grows up.. i think now he wants to be a musican.
we ate mitch's face to celebrate and it was so yummy.
love you champ!

Monday, May 23, 2011

our first home !

we are so excited to have finally found a place! we were just going to be in a small one or two bedroom apartment.. kinda crazy that they are so expensive in the part of ohio where the hospital is since it's a nice area outside of cleveland. the houses are even more expensive to buy and are very old. we lucked out and found a newer house where the owners went down a couple hundred a month ( same price as the two bedroom apartments) since we wanted a 4 year contract. it's perfect for us. i even get my very own craft room. it's 1750 sq ft: three bedroom, 2 bath, and 2 car garage (perfect for keeping our cars warm in the snowy weather) aaaand it's only 12 minutes from the hospital!!

here it is.

we are very excited!
nooo its not snowing in may, it;s just the only picture i could find of it :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

body worlds

really was amazing

i loved having my future doctor to teach me throughout the whole exhibit.

he's so smart and i love it.

their are non-stop questions about how the body works in our house now and he doesn't mind expaining one little bit.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

hike + favorite man + perfect weather

we decided to take advantage of the perfect day we had last week. the breeze was amazing. we love to hike. we went on a new one and it was perfect.

love making memories with this man.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

oh, ohio.

you are going to be our home oh, so soon.

ready or not here we come. (almost)

we aren't quite done soaking in arizona and family time.

finding a place online and getting others opinions on the phone was wayyy too hard. so j decided to go out. i told him, i trusted him and he knows what i like. . he on the other hand, had a much better idea. he videoed all of the apartments. . so i could have a digital tour ! it made me quite dizzy, but i loved it.

justin was very good at making me feel i was apart of the trip and made my 14 hour day of work very entertaining.. i will share the pictures he sent me so you can get a feel of ohio :)

oh how i will love being so close to lake erie and surrounded by greenery! so pretty!!

the beach will be my favorite. i love feeling the sand between my toesies.

and i won't mind driving by these beauties that are old vintage homes, remodeled inside. obsessed.

so husband had a few hours before his flight and had to take the rental car back. so what does his spontaneous mind think of? walk an hour to dunkin donughts because he can. .and ride the train to downtown cleveland. i love the adventures he comes up with.

such a cool waterfall, such a cute face.

the text sent with this picture said. "do you ever feel like you just don't quite fit in?" hahahah

Sunday, May 1, 2011

date with husband

we've found that we don't go on dates as much being married. after a long week of work, cuddling, watching a show {24 season 3 in particular} and talking the night away sounds perfect to us.

last night husband planned a date. a very good one.

we ate at my favorite, gecko grill. {went there on our very first date} it was so nice not to have to cook and just enjoy eachother and yummy mexican.

then suddlenly i was blindfolded (with his shirt) and husband tried to "convince" me we were going downtown phoenix.
while blind folded: he loved saying, "hey, look at that lady!" & "did you see that over there?"

he totally threw me off and said hey, do you know where thomas road is? i totally thought we were on the other side of town.

my view after the blind fold was removed..

he took me back to our exact spot we used to go while dating to be alone. no one's ever around and the stars are oh so bright.

oh how we enjoyed a romantic night, with candles all around us, yummy sparkling cider and a night under the stars.

i think i'll keep him.