Sunday, July 24, 2011


this weekend was amazing. it was the first time since we've been here that we had a full weekend together. we decided to check out downtown cleveland for the first time.

progressive field!! big indian fans here in ohio!

we went to dinner on east 4th street. it was seriously theeee cutest street decked out in streaming lights. it was a yummy mexican place.we went to two good mexican places in one week! yess!

we wanted to walk to the lake and stumbled upon a huge boat. we were tempted to jump on..
but didn't.
we walked in the rock and roll hall of fame without even knowing it. we just wanted somewhere with air conditioning. it was so cool! it's shaped triangle and a circle in the back.

house of blues, and crazy huge random pieces of "art"

love the cathedrals and huge buildings. it was wayy cleaner than we expected and we loved the part of downtown we went to!

so pretty.

just so you know, it has gotten hot here. seriously, no more sweaters. i'm glad that i can have sunshine for the next four summers :)

Friday, July 22, 2011


so. i got my ohio managing cosmetologist licence, which is the highest licence you can have. after re learning every thing. anatomy, physiology, electricity, chemistry.. ect. after 2 months of studying a lot and a having my hubby tutor me. i passed. it was all worth it :)

yes, i'm very happy.

this is the next day. me getting ready for my second interview with regis salon.

and i got the job. i feel so blessed. i'm so excited to be a stylist. the salon is at a really nice mall near us. i am going to love it since i don't know anyone here.. there are a lot of walk-in's. the salon offers cuts/colors/waxing/hair extensions and other extra hair things..

i start august 2nd and boy am i excited.

husband and i went and celebrated. we tried a new mexican place. it was the first mexican place that was as good as home. it's in our very own city too. we are so very happy! he said today is better than a holiday because tomorrow we will wake up and things will be different and that's something to celebrate. oh how i love him and feel so very blessed.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

im officially more of a country girl than city ..

cause everyday i get to see things like this.

can you blame me?
oh, so lovely.

i love the hay, corn fields, the lakes, the red barns, the front porches, the red brick buildings and how people enjoy life. they are in no rush. no one "judge's" you if you wear your pajamas, hair up and no make up. you fit in with most people :)
and this is dr. pattee's hospital. [i went to visit him and my phone died, so i had to find my way home alone.. i did it! so at least i know how to get to and from the hospital!! haha.

and i love the fact that i live near a town named after my awesome brother in law [okay, maybe it's not named after him.. but it should be]

and the not so great parts. who knew a bug had so much blood?! and i lost track of how many dead "critters" i've seen on the side of the road. ew.

Monday, July 18, 2011

easy crafts. how to's:

my passion is crafting. so while the mister worked his 24 hour shifts, i pretty much pulled a 24 hour "shift" crafting ;) here is what i was up to while he was gone..

-put a picture in a mason jar and fill with olive oil. gives an old fashion look:)

when i showed my hubby, i said look it didn't cost a thing.. he said ya, you're right..that was extra olive oil. haha :)
- mod podge lace or whatever you want on a vase. (i got mine at a thrift store for $1)
- cover books with favorite papers and then mod podge them
-glitter candle: spray glue onto cheap candle and then sprinkle martha stewart glitter on!
- make a design and put in frame. i made a paper heart.

earring holder:get a frame (paint if desired) staple lace on back and thats it!!
don't be afraid to paint things you already have. i painted my chalkboard i found at a garage sale gray.. and the corkboard i mod podged paper on it!
- silhouette project. paint or cover canvas with fabric (like i did) then take a picture of your special someones profile, print out in black and white and trace onto black paper. mod podge everything on!
- "i'm sew very happy" was found here:
then i painted a frame i had from sister's wedding and added embellishments and a fabric paper behind the saying.
- make your own labels and embellish them with pearls, lace, felt, rhine stones, ect.
- organize ribbons in a container with holes!
i also mod podged paper on old organizers i didn't ever use.
yay! finally organized my craft room!
now onto fixing the naked walls.

the fun thing about these crafts is i used things i already had.. except the paint and mod podge and according to my husband the "olive oil"

be creative with what you have!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

what i've been up to

in between cooking/cleaning/testing/ job hunting and doing other wifey stuff.. i have a lot of time especially at night when dr. is pulling 24 hour shifts.
one day i saw these on a curb for trash, so i rang the doorbell and asked if i could have them.

so total cost = $10 (for stain and paint) okay $11, i bought the vase and painted it.

i needed an extra light for my craft room, so i bought a cheap lamp and painted it.

you guessed it, my favorite color is gold. i can't help it.

ooooh how i love this decorating a house thing.
and a hubby who isn't picky and likes what i do. or at least pretends ;)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

sunday walk on hunington beach

ohio style, not california :)

oh how fun it is living by a sandy beach/ lake. we love it!

love toesies in the sand.

the sun peeking through the clouds

so green.

hope this makes you want to visit.

the radio said. . you thought today was hot..

wait til tomorrow its a high of 88! cleveland's melting

ya. we laughed.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

kind of in love

with ohio in the summer.
.seventy five degrees. can't feel the humidity. green, green, green. cities near by/ farms. fields, walking trails. lakes. flowers. victorian houses. fireflies. antiques. birds chirping. cool breeze.

no swimming for me though.. at least not this year.. the girls i saw swimming in freezing cold lake erie are crazy. it's not a warm az summer. .but hey, i'm enjoying where i'm at.

& now you can see why.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

sparks fly

this year the 4th exclusively consisted of

husband and i

while doctor was pulling his 24 hour shift on the 3rd, i went with neighbors to see the beautiful firework show that our town puts on

[the day consisted of justin coming home at six am from the hospital me: studying and more studying. then after he got enough sleep, he did stuff around the house]
it was fun to take a break and go out to dinner and celebrate being americans!
we had american food in honor of the holiday :)

we went to crocker park and walked around the shops, I FOUND SPOON ME. frozen yogurt DOES exist.. just not online when i looked it up . haha
they had a cute little fair. reminds me of the notebook.

because j had long hours the next day .. we decided to do "fireworks" of our own.
it was fun doing them in our driveway. oh how we love having a driveway.
i love when he sits like this, i call it his "child pose"

black snakes! we had fun racing eachother to see whose snake went the longest/fastest.

love this.sparklers! favorite!!

smoke- overload

i think we lit nearly fifty sparklers.
since my family couldn't be together- we still kept the tradition of wearing our fourth shirts
[us in ohio]

[mom, dad and jake in pine az]

[mitch at college in utah]

[and sister and g in california] Align Center

ya.. we matched even though we were a couple thousand miles away :)