Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Life is a Highway

My Nana and Grandpa Paul came down to visit! Nana came into my school for a trim and a style! I love her SO much! They had a family re-union and let me come with them! We went to a rodeo later that night! It was so much fuuun! It was my very first rodeo.. The cowgirl part of me came out! My oh my were their cute cowboy's there:)

My Grandpa Paul & I.

My cute grandparents! Gotta love Rodeo Food!

It was so much fun, after we got lost and were laughing so hard. Nana bought lacey and i some groceries:) It was so much fun having her here.

My Grandma Whiting came into my school the next day! She let me color her hair with highlights. She said it was the best she's ever had, of course she would say that. Grandma's are too nice!

Saturday Night, I had a date. It was fun! We went to see Beauty and The Beast at an out door theater. The musical was really good, the performers were impressive.. I was singing the whole time. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I LOOOOVE music and musicals! I thought of my Sis, she's my belle.

p.s it was FREEEEZING & to make it even better Lauris sent me a picture of a nice beautiful WARM Arizona sunset.

BAH! I was wearing my WARMEST jacket I own.. oh ya.. it's JUNE!

P.s Dear dating scene, I'm back.


Heaps Family said...

The boys are oh so lucky!!!! You are so darling! I love your attitude with everything. Even though you are so busy you definately know how to have FUN! Way to go! Lehi isn't too far you know...hmmm we would LOVE a visit :)I love you!

Joslyn Marie said...

Oh i'm going to come visit you soon alright!! When i can steal the car from Grandma:) i loooove you guys. You need to come into my school!

Boise Buhrley's said...

I can't wait to see grandma's hair!! I have never really done anything to my hair until a couple of weeks ago. I made it darker and I love it. I don't think I will ever go back! Post pictures of before and afters of the clients that come in! ha,ha,....that would be so much fun! I love your post updates! (oh, and cute date by the way.) love you!

marilyn said...

Well everybody if you want a beautiful girl to do your hair Joslyn Whiting is the one, it really is the best color I've ever had and what fun to spend time with her. We are so glad she is here. love you!!!!