Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Live, Laugh & Love

It felt SO good to have a routine again. Although It was nice to have a break, I love routines. I love having school at 8:30 a.m. It's awesome, I have time to get ready in the morning without rushing, eat and read my scriptures. It really made my day great. Lacey and I LOVED school. These next ten weeks are going to fly by. We will learn so much! We only have 392 hours left now! I love the color lines they use-Goldwell and Matrix. One of the hair products they use is one of my favorites, Big Sexy Hair. The school is a really nice school, everyone was so welcoming today. Lace and I have so much fun together, which is nice because it makes 8 hours of school go by fast. We did pedicures and manicures on each other today to refresh the procedures. Utah not only requires more hours but so many more things for the state board tests. We have to do an acrylic nail, facial, and a shave like barbers do.. not to mention the hair section! I guess it will just make us more well rounded cosmetologists!? We have so many inside jokes from today..Lacey is famous for making me laugh so hard everyday. It's nice because its an automatic ab work out!
We had to go buy more supplies for school.. like paying 3,200 isn't enough? Ah! It's killing us to pay so much for school, but it will be worth it in the end. Right? I figure you can never go wrong for paying for more education. I bought a cute pink blowdrier. I love it. We got cute little bags to put all of our stuff in. I love it.
I'm excited to get clients. We get at least one a day and on Saturday, up to 7 a day! It will be good for me to get as much practice as I can get.

Tara invited us over for dinner tonight. It was so much fun. Amelia came too! It was fun to see her because it had been since High School. Tara made THE best chicken enchiladas with yummy avacado salsa. She even gave us some to take home.. It was so delicious! I'm still full three hours later.

We went to blockbuster AGAIN. They had this special going on- you can buy a ten dollar pass where you can get unlimited movies for a WHOLE week. OF COURSE we bought it. Chick Flicks.. HERE WE COME!


Christina said...

Wow! You have been going non stop since you got to Utah!
Regarding the 'Blockbuster pass', another great movie addiction place to rent is from Red Box. They are located all over and you only pay $1 per night. You can keep it one night or $10. Also, the best part for me is that you can return it to ANY Red Box location. Once I rented one in Provo and returned it up by house in Ogden.
Next post you should list some recommendations for me! :)

Heaps Family said...

Congrats on your first day! They are going to love you two at the school! We are all so glad you are here AND so happy you are JOSLYN WHITING!!!!! You are truly amazing! I love you, I love your strength, your faith, your willingness to LEARN all you can and your humble way of leaning on the Lord! Thanks for your wonderful example! Love you!

marilyn said...

These girls know how to have a good time, they pack fun in every minute. I'm so glad you like school, and even happier you are in Utah. Love you