Sunday, June 21, 2009

Count your blessings NOT your worries

OK.. confession, We painted our nails black this week at school.. & I put a bling strand in my hair this week. Hey.. at least we aren't dying our hair pink and purple right?? They are super fun! You just tie a knot and they are in.. You can even curl them and wash them!

Later that night, our good friend Russ came over for dinner and we bought A LOT of candy & watched a Walk To Remember.

The next night was Headband Night! Tara and Bree came over and we had a lot of fun making headbands AND taking pictures! It's kinda becoming a weekly thing.. It's such a stress reliever for me!

HA. dont ask

i love girl nights esp with new friends.

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Monica said...

I cried at the tribute to you dad. I knew before I married him that he was going to make the most amazing father. I'm so glad you two have the relationship you have. I love watching it, you have an amazing bond and deep love and connection!

You are so blessed to have such amazing friends. All your life I've loved watching you with your friends because you know how to be a true friend and give so much love. You have such amazing friends because you are an amazing friend.
I love the picture of you guys dancing---I can hear your laugh and it makes me feel like I am apart of you and your girl friends again!
The big flower headband reminds me when you were a baby and I would put headbands on you that were as big as your head! Love ya friend!