Thursday, August 27, 2009


The Dovers called me and said they wanted to fly me down to babysit their cute kids for 5 days while they went to New York! I was so excited! I hadn't been back to visit Az yet since I moved! I told my Mom BUT decided it would be fun if I made it a secret for the rest of my family!! I got in on Monday and went to Habit (my dream salon) to get my haircut! It's shorter than I've ever had it and I LOOOOVE it! Then I called Sis.. this is how it went. .

me: SIS! HAPPY first day of college!!!:)
her: thanks sis, i love and miss you.
me: what are you up to today?
her: i'm getting ready for a nap..
me: ok, i'll let you nap.. love you
--one minute later.. i pop in her room. . she was sitting on her bed and she jumped and was really really shocked and didn't know how to feel then she squeezed me for a good 3 minutes and said she was so happy i was home:).

I suprised my Nana, Dad and my boys. I loved suprising everyone!

We went to dinner at Rustler's Russe! It was SUCH a fun night! I got to celebrate my 21st with my family too:) This place is a country girls dream-- and I'm a country girl. I was in heaven. . You get to the tables by going down a slide! Then they had a live country band! My nana told them it was my birthday and they played kenny chesney songs for me! These 14 year old girls tried to be my friend and when they found out I was 21 they said.. ohhhh, we thought you were our age! haha! I've come to the conclusion that I do look 14/15 after all. OH WELL. I have to get over it i guess. . It was such a fun dinner, I loved being with my family. They are amazing! They brought me a thing of cotton candy with a candle in it!! It was so much fun because I LOVE cotton candy! My family spoiled me with headbands, dove chocolate, the cutest clothes from urban outfitters and an adorable skirt that my boys picked out for me. We danced on the dance floor and sang to country songs. I had my family, country music and good food. What more could I ask for?

The next day Mom and I went to my FAVORITE gecko grill with jacki.. I have been craving their fiesta tacos and bean dip ever since I left.. Then we went to Forever21 (aka heaven) I was so anxious to use my gift cards I got for my birthday.. Susie spoiled me with one too! I was so excited..

I'm pretty sure I bought the whole store.. This is what happens when a girl whose been so frugal has been given gift cards/birthday money for her favorite store..

i'm in heaven feeling the warmth of the arizona heat every day. i love being home with my family and friends.

to be continued:)

Monday, August 24, 2009


is a good age.

i loved my birthday this year.

it started out at the loft, we danced the night away ( i even got a shout out at twelve), since it was my 21st we decided to get drinks.. at sonic, and we went and got free car washes with our new guy friends we met, i got so many birthday calls and texts even at 2 in the morning. lace had me open her present at 4 am. she gave me yummy perfume, she knows me too well.. don't worry cause i totally missed my body and sprayed it in my mouth. . haha, life's good at 4 in the morning on your birthday.

i woke up 3 hours later for the oquirrh mountain temple dedication, i went with my amazing grandparents.. it was such a spiritual experience. there's nothing like seeing the prophet in white and hearing him speak in the temple. my new addiction right now is going to the temple.. i guess its a good addiction, i just can't get enough. it sprinkled right after.. oh how i love the rain. (in moderation) the heaps, parishs and meg came over to celebrate.. it was so much fun we had an amazing family night, homemade crepes and a yummy pazookie to celebrate. grandma took me to forever21 this week and let me pick out a shirt, my sister gave me a forever21 gift card and had me open it up on webcam.. im pretty sure i'm in heaven because i LOVE that store. my mom gave me a blanket made out of my t-shirts from my whole life (from play's, school, cheer, beauty school, anything and everything that means a lot to me) meg gave me a blockbuster card so i don't have to spend all my money there anymore, the parish's gave me the prettiest thing of flowers, the heaps made me the yummiest homemade bread and my nana gave me a HUGE hannah montana card that sings life's what you make it.. i'm one spoiled girl. it felt so good to get texts and fb messages from friends all over:) i have the best friends and family.

here's to my 21st. it's going to be one amazing year.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


..i've decided provo boys must hit on girls ALL the time because these last couple of days, i've had some pretty funny stories. ready?


-i was at nordstrom smelling the yummy perfumes that i wish i could afford when a cuuute boy kept looking at me..

him: hey.. can you help me pick out a cologne?
me: sure! (i then realized it was a pick of line because he didn't pay any attention to the cologne's i liked.)
him: what's your name?
me: joslyn
him: do people ever call you Joe?
me: umm... noooooo? they call me jos..
him: ok, so if i put jos in my phone would that be ok?
me: totally freaked out and had a plan to give my number with the wrong area code:)
him: ok, im calling you.. check your phone to see if you got it..
me: (i lied) umm.. i don't have my phone with me...
him: well, i trust you that you wouldn't give me a fake number

10 minutes later..

i see him and im holding my phone. i darted away. ya. AKWARD.

- i was at target in the check out line and a fifteen year old was checking me out.

him: heyyy
me: what's up
him: as he whipped out his phone said, can i have your number?
me: UM. i'm too old for you
him: no you're not, how old do you think i am?
me: yes, i'm 21 (shy of one day)
him: embarrased and BOLTED out of target

i just love life.

--i've been to many bridal showers recently & have a fridge full of wedding announcements. it makes me excited for my future happy marriage someday. i love day dreaming about my future husband.. he will be charming, happy, honest, worthy priesthood holder, have a clean mouth, love to have spotaneous fun, want to be a team, will love the temple, make me laugh, will kiss me in the rain, love to cuddle, love going on picnics, will sing to the radio with me in the car and will love me just the way i am.
but for now i will try to enjoy being hit on by creepers and 15 year olds..
p.s to all the guys who might be reading this.. i'm not a brat and am not anti boys, i just prefer the guy getting to know me before he asks for my number.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


..are so much fuuuun!

It's been so much fun meeting cute girls in Utah, living by friends from Arizona who moved up here and family

The fun sleepover's I've had lately..

-sleep over for kellie's bridal shower

bathroom shot

my cute cosmo girlfriends!


we were a just a little shocked about her gifts...

We had a huge sleepover for kellies shower! I loved that we highlighted, colored hair and waxed all night long! Then we watched a chick flick and put tons of mattresses on the ground and all slept in the same room. It was such a fun shower! That night was filled with many stories and laughs.

-sleepover with tara

We decided to hang out with these guys in Provo. We ended up going to their ward prayer & the whole ward sang happy birthday to me and I had to give strangers hugs. We had such a fun time playing games. We played Disney Charades and other games that involved acting people out. It was so funny. I had to act out Casper the ghost.. yes, i did act like he had wings. Casper has wings now:) We also had a little firework show and did sparklers!

we love sparklers (notice my jacket, i had to ask Aaron to borrow one, I'm always cold here)

yummy hot chocolate to end the night (did you know you can have it ALL year around in utah?)

-sleepover with the heaps

It was so much fun spending time with them! We made my mom's yummy homemade pizza.. I loved the toppings we used. We watched one of my favorite disney movie Enchanted and made headbands while eating peanut butter & honey popcorn:) Emily was so excited for me to sleepover that she couldn't sit still in Sunday School and apologized to her teacher. These kids make me feel so loved. They are all so talented and adorable. I sure love living by my cousins. The next day we went to Thanksgiving Point and had so much fun.

gourmet pizza

silly faces

horsey rides

fun in the water!

-sleepover with micall

We hung out with 2 cuuute boys, went to yo zone, told funny stories & had good laughs. We never go to bed earlier than 2. This girl always makes me laugh & smile, i love it. I love this picture.

Monday, August 17, 2009


*lets see just how many stops one family can take during two days in vegas.
1st stop: Planet Hollywood.

Ok, I forgot how fast pace and spontaneous my family is. We left Utah at 5 a.m. I was half asleep while getting into the car.. as my family knows I don't enjoy waking up in the 5's OR 6's! It wasn't bad because I knew I could just sleep the whole way there.. so I did. I woke up and realized my Mom and lauris had their hair perfectly curled and make up on.. they got ready before we left at 5 a.m... My dad announced that we reached Vegas and were going to planet hollywood to eat and weren't going to the hotel til night. I did what I had to do and I brought my curling iron and make up with me and got ready in five minutes in the bathroom at Planet Hollywood. Haha. It made me laugh. I'm a little slower than them but they still love me:). Good thing I can get ready in minutes. It was so much fun going out to eat,(me being the poor formal student that i am can't afford to go out). It was yummy and the dessert we got was gone in five seconds, it was a record. Seriously.

2nd stop: The Eiffel Tower in Paris

The Eiffel Tower was AWESOME! I've always wanted to go to Paris and I felt like I got a glipse of what it would be like! We went to the very top and looked out over the strip! So much fun! Notice the picture I took of all the kids looking shocked/disqusted because of Mom & Dad's make out. Typical. Ya. Our Mom & Dad love eachother and aren't afraid to show it!!
3rd stop: Pet Magic show & Shopping

The boys spent a lot of time in the magic shop. They loooved it! I got a steamer, which I LOVE. We got jewlery at one cute little boutique.. but other than that I controlled myself.. Pretty impressive huh? The pet magic show was AWESOME. The guy juggled with cats everywhere! It was very entertaining! Notice me plugging my nose, yes, im allergic to smoke and did this everytime we walked into a casino. Lets just say i could never ever live in Vegas but its fun to visit, next time: im bringing nose plugs:)

Stop 4: Rollar Coaster in New York, New York

We loved how we could be in Paris and New York within minutes! I loved the New York part of Vegas. I am a new yorker by heart! I love broadway,tall buildings, sushi/pizza, the statue of liberty, taxi's, fashion, the music, the busy downtown craziness, i love new york! It was fun.. we went on the rollar coaster.. It sure was a rickity one, I held my neck in place the whole time, BUT it was fun:)5th stop: M&M World

Anyone who knows me KNOWS that Peanut M&M's are my weakness. It was heaven to be at M&M world where there were 3 floors filled with every color of m&m's and everything you could imagine with the m&m logo on it! Mom bought us all our very own pack of m&m's and m&m playing cards for the family and Lacey and I! Day 2

6th stop: Circus, Circus

This indoor place was packed with fun crazy rides! I was fearless and did things that I didn't think I was brave enough to do! We did ride after ride, bumper cars, laser tag, 3-d movies and shows. We pretty much had too much fun here.

7th Stop: The Venitian

The venitian was so pretty. I loved the architecture and the boats where Italian guys sing to you. I love beautiful buildings like this.

8th Stop: The Wax Museum

One of our favorite stops was the Wax Museum! How fun to see exactly how tall and exactly how the celebrities really are! We took so many pictures. They had American Idol's famous judge, Simon as a wax figure! Laurisa and I had a pretend audition and sang Shania Twain's "Don't Be Stupid". We had a fun time .. and Simon told us after that we were going to Hollywood! We saw so many people that varied from Jessica Simpson, Michael Jackson, Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt to the Blue Man Group. We loved the Wax Museum!

9th Stop: Dolphins/animal Exhibit

We loved seeing all of the animals! I saw some of the prettiest Lions I've ever seen! There is just something about animals that I love. I got a headache from the smoke both the casinos and the heat and my cute little mommy took care of me. oh how i love her.

10th stop: The Beatles show

OH MY GOSH, WE LOVED THIS SHOW! Sis and I were singing and dancing to all of the songs. They looked and sounded JUST like the Beatles! We could have lived in the time of the Beatles:) 11th Stop: F1 Racing

I thought the boys would dominate, however Mom and Lauris suprised me.. I'm too cautious of a driver to go fast esp. around the corners. . haha and the first time I went around, I couldn't reach the pedals so I had to get a booster seat. Mitch beat us all.. The guy who was in charge of the place told him he was impressed!

12th Stop: Cosmic Mini Golfing!

We had a blast mini golfing with cosmic lights! It was so much fun, even though I lost the game.. I was the only family member who got a hole in one! I was very proud:) My family makes everything fun. Leave it up to Mom to get the free game.

13th stop: The Stratosphere

My whole family is so brave and couldn't wait to go on the ride off the Stratosphere. Details: There are three rides on the top of a building that is 1,000 feet from the ground and is over the strip. I told my Dad I didn't think I could do it. He said he wasn't going to talk me into it.. I went to the top and realized I would regret not doing it .. I decided to be fearless and go for it! I was so glad I did! I hated dangling a thousand feet from the ground at first but then I loved it and felt like I was wendy from Peter Pan flying! I'm so glad I decided to be fearless like the rest of my family!

My family sure wore me out! I can't believe we did all of that in ONE day.

Day 3

14th stop: Planet Hollywood Hotel

We went to The Planet Hollywood Hotel to eatlunch and swim! It was such a fun hotel. It was relaxing to lay by the pool. I hadn't done it all summer. It was amazing to have warm weather in Vegas. I loved laying by my daddy. He played with my hair and made me feel so loved. I love my family.

15th stop: Hotels

We had time before taking me to the airport to walk around the nice hotels/shops in Vegas and take pictures. My favorite was inside the Venitian! I loved all the umbrellas hanging from the ceiling! So creative and colorful!

I had a tear frop from my eye when i got to the airport. . I love my family so dearly and had so much fun with them. I can't wait til I can live near them again.. right now utah's where I belong. Horray for 15 stops in 2 and a half days in vegas with my family!

Thank You SO much Mom & Dad for an unforgetable Family trip!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'll admit..

..I pretty much stared at this quote a BAJILLION times on Thursday. It was SUCH a bad day.. You know those days where EVERYTHING goes wrong?? Ya.. that describes it perfectly.. The morning went a little like this.. My Aunt Jill came in for me to do her hair.. One of the teachers jumped in and wanted to mix one of the colors for me while I was mixing the bleach. DON'T WORRY cause without telling me she decided to mix a 3n (which is one away from black) and a 9n(which is light but the black's going to take over) After rinsing my aunt out and looking at her hair we both laughed beacause the half of her hair was BLACK. I went to my teacher and asked her what happened? She told me that we didn't have the color I wanted to use in stock, so she tried to make it.. but DIDN'T. Good thing I have the most beautiful Aunt in the world that would look gorgeous with green hair..I just love that my first mistake was on her. . and that i had such a great second to last day at school.. Then, I lost my credit sheet so I thought I was going to have to stay a couple weeks longer at school to finish them.. Then SOMEHOW my computer screen cracked ( Don't worry- It continues to get bigger every day). Thank goodness for

-my amazing Grandma who brought me over hot chocolate
- friends and family to call to vent to
-songs about having bad days
-uplifting scriptures, quotes and prayer

FAV scripture:
D&C 68 2-18
"Wherefore, be of good cheer and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you.."

FAV quote:
"Some church members may feel weighed down with discouragement about the circumstances of their personal lives, even when they are making sustained and admirable efforts. Frequently, these feelings of self-disappointment come not from wrongdoing, but from stresses and troubles for which we may not be fully to blame. The Atonement of Jesus Christ applies to these experiences because it applies to all of life. The Savior CAN wipe away ALL of our tears, after all we can do...
The Savior's atonement is.. the healing power not only for sin, it's not just for sinners."
-Bruce C. Hasfen

The healing power of the Atonement is SO real. I have felt it in my life and am so grateful for it. I love knowing that Christ suffered for every pain because he loved us so much and wanted to make it possible for us to live with him forever and ever.

The GOOD thing about bad days are that the good days are SO much better.

Friday night was such a fun night. Tara and I got a Jamba Juice, watched 17 again with my man, Zac Efron..(yes, i took pictures of him during the movie) ha. THEN we danced and played in the rain in the MIDDLE of the street and sang to kenny's "There's Something Sexy About The Rain"

We went back to my place to make headbands.. my cute cousin, Jacqueline joined us! She's such a fun and creative girl! We had pazookies and went to bed at twelve.. we were tired.

Today was awesome! My first Saturday not having school! SO nice! I left my place at 8:30 a.m. to meet my friend Stephanie to go to the Salt Lake City Temple.. On my way to Salt Lake it started POURING rain.. I kept praying.. The visibility was so bad. . then after it stopped I was in construction traffic for an HOUR. Lets just say I was tempted to just go home.. but driving 2 hours for the temple was worth it. I love the feeling in the temple. It's so peaceful and I feel Heavenly Father so close. Sometimes I wish I could just live in the temple. I never want to leave. I'm so grateful for the priesthood and for the gospel, I just LOVE everything about it.

Tonight I went out with Scotty. We had dinner at my fav fav fav-- carrabas! We caught up with eachother's lives, almost climbed a tree, laughed our heads off at Provo's comedy sportz improv. The guy sitting next to Scott had red hair and told him that he was lucky to be in between two redheads, or something like that.. It was funny. During the show one of the comedians took their shirt off to try to be funny .. they punished him and then played "choose the right". Oh how i love Provo. We then stopped at Sonic and said hi to our friend Steve (He doesn't even know we are friends with him) but who cares, we enjoy visiting sonic to ask him questions.. he says very funny things, is VERY random, different and makes conversations entertaining. It was a fun night. I'm lucky to have Scotty as my friend.

BAH! I miss my family like crazy. I had such a fun time with them in Vegas.

Favorite text this week from my Dad: "News Flash, Your Dad loves you more than life itself." He also told me that he loves me more than mint chocolate chip ice cream.. that's ALOT.

I got a picture of my Mom with her rockin the peace sign. She will always be young at heart!

I talked to Jakers on the phone.. I can't believe my baby brother started High School.

Mitch texted me and told me congrats for graduating, he's always been such a thoughtful person.

and.. my sis is THE cutest. She had to dress up 80's for a light performance and is starting college soon!

P.s I CAN'T wait for
1.Keith Urban Concert
2. to turn 21
3. for my roomate to back come home to me.

Friday, August 14, 2009


..I passed my test and graduated from Marinello school of Beauty TODAY! It feels so good to be one step away from being licenced in Utah and Arizona! I can't wait to start job hunting and start working here! I'm so glad I decided to go to school here.. I learned so much and met the cutest girls and had so much fun with lace. I can't wait to get my utah licence in the mail:)

This week, a few girls from school and i went to Salt Lake to do make up and hair for a film called Blue Sweater. We had so much fun staying up til early hours of the morning. I love sleepovers with Michelle and Micall. They make me laugh and I'm getting used to reading scriptures together at 2 a.m.

Silly girls.

downtown salt lake!

we tried on some pretty sexy high heels- as you can see..
we rock these shoes.

make up artists in action!the make-up
big sexy hair products

p.s i have a new adventure ahead of me with finding a job and turning 21 in 9 daysss.