Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Happy June!

Today consisted of..

*me waking up to waffles my roomate made for me

* Rented P.s I love you

* Our first young adult activity with our singles ward.

* Dinner at Los Hermono's with Becca and Landon

*cleaned our apartment/laundry

* Watched Charly

School starts tommorrow! We are very excited to learn more and get into a routine again.
It's been so nice to have a week to get settled in and partay!


LACEY said...

ahhhh! i am so wiped out from crying during those movies!! But that is a good way for us to get tired now at a decent time... lets watch a sad movie every night to get ourselves to fall asleep! :0 haha ok jos.. you just walked into my room wide awake! girl GO TO SLEEP!! i love u!!!

Boise Buhrley's said...

Hello there JOSLYN WHITING!!:)
How was your first day!!???!!
I love that you went to Los Hermanos, that brings back so many memories of my Utah days. I haven't seen P.S. I love you....but I can't even believe you watched Charlie. Once was enough for me. Mandi and I swore we would NEVER watch that movie again. I don't even like to think about that movie. Yes, I am a happy ending kind a girl. Glad you are on your way to getting yours!:)