Thursday, June 11, 2009

Life is all about making memories

*The Memories that were made these past couple days..

Monday: We went to school for a few hours to help with a competition. We went grocery shopping and spent half of what we spent the last week! We were so proud. We are so good at being frugal and getting the best price. Monday night ended with a chick flick OF course. We had a bagel bite, candlelight dinner. Gotta love it:)

Tuesday: We went with Landon and Becca to Lacey's cousins house for dinner! It was fun getting to know them, they are a cute family! Of couse we ended up rocking out in the car.
Wednesday: We went to school for ELEVEN hours straight. YES. 8am-7pm. We are both missing days for family stuff next month.. So we are trying to get in a few extra hours here and there. It's so much fun doing school together and we are learning lots! Later that night we had a headband night! I missed making headbands SO much! It was so much fun.. Lindsey came over. She's so cute, I love making new friends. I have to admit--I'm addicted to making headbands.

Only in Utah can you find this along with CTR ties in Walmart right next to the check out.

My cute sis and her boyfriend. She sent me this picture.. they were painting the LIGHT studio. They are always doing something fuuun.

I can't stop thinking how Mitch is driving now and got a job at Tilly's. He's growing up and is such a stud. I love it.

My cute parents are in Hawaii right now. They are the cutest. I wish i was there with them. I love that they send me pictures to make me feel I'm there!

So beautiful.


Monica said...

I love how you involve me in your blog entries! it makes me happy :) you're the cutest sis in the world! I love and miss you terribly! YOu have such an amazing blog! I just love your love for life! Your cute smiley face bagel bites...only you :) and I love your headbands! I can't wait til you come home so i can borrow them :) hehe. love sis

Amber said...

Congrats on frugal success! And 11 hours of school, WOW! How much are pedicures at the school? I want to see those headbands! Love you!

Binz said...

Playing with you has been so much fun!! I love our talks and of course the head bands are amazing!! And I too am jealous your parents are in looks like they are staying at Turtle Bay?? That was 10 minutes from my house there :( But Utah has its perks and we are going to have so many more fun times!!