Thursday, December 31, 2009

oh christmas eve were wonderful this year.. we went to nana's for the traditional christmas eve early lunch. yummy food, good conversations, singing, napping, taking tons of pictures, reading the christmas story, wearing our reindeer ears and enjoying eachother's company was all amazing!i love being with this girl.
yes, they are indeed the cutest couple in the whole world.
we ended the night at aunt lanelles. we ate yummy food, talked to relatives, sat on santa's lap and sang our little hearts out.
then to top it all off, we went home, opened up our new pajamas, had our christmas progam, watched luke 2 and waited for santa to come.

i will always believe in santa clause

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

we can be together forever someday

... this simple phrase was my highlight of the forgotten carols. i had chills when the whole audience sang it together. michael mclean was so entertaining and amazing. this really brought the christmas spirit to my heart. it's AMAZING what music can do, it brings the spirit so strong.
i love this man more than any man in the world.

the whole gang.. yes, we got in trouble for taking pictures in the auditorium. the mom's didn't seem to care.

i have the best siblings ever. i love that we are all so close and continue to grow closer

i love being with these two. they make me happy. i don't even feel like i'm a third wheel

i want a love like my mom and dad have someday..

thank you mommy and daddy for such a wonderful experience.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

somebody stop me

ok. don't.
i have so much to blog about.. BUT i can't stop making these cute things.. i love being anti social, creating and sewing all day long. is that bad? it's even better than having a boyfriend:] who knew?

if you want some of these beauties.. i have made them special just for you.

what would i do without headbands?? i don't even wanna think about it.. good thing i don't have to.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


LOVED being with my tara and willi again. we had so much fun just catching up. we went to forever21 and i told tara to not let me buy anything cause im so poor. of course, i found the cutest leggings and carniegan .. i was in line and she took it away and told me this is my shopaholic rehab .. haha i thanked her:) i love my girls. they are the best.

my linds- i love this girl so much.. and miss living by her. we went to paradise and caught up . im so happy for her.

fun date. i cut his hair, we went to gecko grill (my favorite ever) then we were driving around looking at lights and i said wow, did you see that house?? its DECKED out like a gingerbread house.. haha he said oh really?? did it have skittles on top? it was funny. i know, i say blonde things sometimes.. so then we decided to make a gingerbread house while watching elf. first stop: walmart. . i asked a korean guy "do you have gingerbread house kits?" he said.. ginger? fresh ginger? then he brought us dried pineapple.. haha nick and i ran to the other isle and busted up laughing. second stop: safeway..we searched everywhere then found a gingerbread house already made for fifteen dollars. rip off. third stop: fresh and easy. we finally found what we were looking for.

we had a fun time.. and got into an icing fight. oops

i have loved seeing my friends and making new ones.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

dear santa,

i've been extremely good this year. its been the longest year of my life. i'm thinking i deserve a new car and a dang good job.. but its funny, all i want this christmas is to spend it with my family. thats all i'm asking for. they are the best present i could ever ask for. the best part is i get them for eternity. i love you santa. thank you for being you. be safe tonight, and eat lots of milk and cookies.
merry christmas.

Monday, December 21, 2009

mesa temple lights

are beautiful.
sis and i went with dates to the lights. we had so much fun walking around, taking pictures, good talks and enjoying the christmas feel around the temple.
i love living with sis. she amazes me.

her and grafton are precious


im going to be sealed for eternity to my best friend someday

i love this nativity and how the star is so bright

may our hearts be turned to our savior this christmas season

Saturday, December 19, 2009

first week

in the beautiful arizona
these are my highlights of my week..
ok, so i had so much fun going country dancing with my sis. she taught the guys everything they know. we had so much fun doing lifts after lifts.

i love how boots, leggings and a short sleeve dress is perfectly fine
a much needed trip to gecko with some of my favorite girls. i loved catching up with them, i'm so glad i live close to them now.

kareoke night at native new yorker.. i sang that don't impress me much {shania twain}
sis and i painted our nails & added glitter of course
shannon's reception.. they were such a beautiful couple, i'm so happy for them. it was so much fun being with my old friends from hs. i love receptions, they make me think about my future wedding reception.
congrats shannon!
then ice skating for a ysa activity.. it was so much fun seeing so many random people

alex is like my brother, i'm so glad he's home and i get to spend time with him before he moves
this is my cute little tree, my parents had in my room when i arrived to arizona

i love being home in arizona and i love this holiday season

Thursday, December 17, 2009

i want people to know

i was here
{Lady Antebellum}
"i wanna do something that matters
say something different
something that sets the whole world on its ear
i wanna do something better
with the time i`ve been given
and i wanna try
to touch a few hearts in this life leave nothing less
than something that says 'i was here'
i know it`s my destiny
to leave more than a trace of myself in this place
i wanna do something that matters
say something different
something that sets the whole world on its ear
and i know that i will do more than just pass through this life
i`ll leave nothing less than something that says 'i was here'

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

oh life,

i. love. you.
{although you have been quite a rollar coaster this whole year.}
i will always remember you and thank you for making me strong. i have moved six times since i moved out of my house the first time. i am very adaptable and always ready for a new adventure. utah, you really were amazing and perfect for what i needed in the last six months. arizona, i love you and the weather. i have been enjoying going on walks in the morning.. yes, im working out. finally. i have loved having long talks with my family members. i went on a date last night to ocean blue and have another this weekend. yay for dates with arizona boys. i'm so excited to hang out with my lovely friends here and to see my precious friends from utah. i finished unpacking everything last night at three a.m. it feels good, i have a place here.. now i need to find a job. "everything that's worth having, comes from trials worth withstanding."

Monday, December 14, 2009


never felt so good.
this morning i went on a walk with dad, mom and sis. the weather was so beautiful. we had fresh squeezed o.j. and it was heaven. i love my family so much. i'm so thankful to my giving brothers. jake is letting me stay in his room and mitch wanted jake to share a room with him. they are so thoughtful and amazing. tomorrow i'm going to apply to more salons and un pack. i have complete trust in my father in heaven that he will make a way for me to have a great job.first time in my new ward at FHE. it's fun being in the same ward as sis. i love how the gospel is the same everywhere. i love this
church and i love the lessons i have learned this year. i'm so grateful.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


last night in utah ever

i love spending time with my tara. we laughed so hard, listened to new christmas music, caught up and country danced the night away..
oh single life how i've missed you.. {kidding}

1st guy
him: so, its ok to ask me out on a date but i'll pay..
me: oh man, i'm moving to arizona tomorrow morning
him: tell your parents to put you in a box and send it to
my apartment then get ready to cuddle and go on a lot of dates.

2nd guy
him: are you good at dancing?
me: umm.. i enjoy it..
him: can i dip you?
me: sure
him: {it didn't go so well so he said..} wow, you're heavy
me: just smiled and said thanks for the dance..
3rd guy
him: so, i wanna be your last kiss in utah
hahahaahahahahaahahahahahaha. oh dear.
4th guy
him: you're so cute, can i have your number?
me: aw, man im moving to arizona tomorrow
him: way to break a guys heart, i just got home from my mission

gotta love utah boys.. oh and i forgot to mention that a couple got engaged in the middle of the dance floor and kissed eachothers faces off after.
oh provo, i have enjoyed getting to know your ways. . now, back to normal dating life. well.. as normal as it gets.

goofy faces
love my tara
one more thing.. i have been proud to say that i have never fallen in the snow, well i have proof that it all changed tonight.

utah is too dangerous for me in the winter.. end of story