Wednesday, June 30, 2010

first and last

taste of vegemite for me at least...
our australian friends brought vegemite for us to try, lets just say i like the chocolate so much better.

mitch- he's frightened..

dad- is not quite sure about this..

mom- is ready for the taste..

just-he's debating if he needs to use his back up plan/water..

me- i'm so scared and have no idea what i'm getting myself into..

g-look's like he's enjoying it a little bit too much..

needless to say; everyone liked it except for justin and i. he drank that water fast and i spit mine right out. very un polite- i know.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

what happens when

the guy you're dating is in medical school and has to study? .. you read next to him while he studies.. well thats what i do at least. i'm reading again. its been AT least six years since i've read a book. i'm reading "a good woman" by danielle steel and i can't put it down. i'm a book worm, and proud of it. who would've guessed?

life is just dandy

Friday, June 25, 2010

twenty-three years later

.. this is my dad at the roof in salt lake re inacting where he claims he "begged mom to marry him" twenty three years ago.. i'm so glad she said yes. my parents are the cutest and they are so in love.
i'm so thankful for them.

sunsplash with sister

  • filled with one water slide after another with no lines

  • funny; she said as we were in 100 degree weather that she wanted to be in a hot bath.. i still don't understand

  • perfect, instead of paying 10 dollars for three chicken fingers we went to taco bell across the street and got three things for three dollars.

  • relaxing, thanks to the lazy river that we stayed on for awhile

  • complementary, a young girl said "you girls are very pretty"

  • exciting, we went down the brand new slide

  • competitive, we played skip bo by the wave pool and she beat me

  • memorable, i loved catching up and talking about nothing and everything all in the same day
dang i love having a sister. she's the absolute best there is.

best friends always and forever.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

two is better than one

especially with this guy

he's planned the most creative dates and we have way too much fun together.

last weekend we went to fountain hills, played croquet and played on the playground. i felt five again. plus he gave me the scariest dinosaur ride i've ever had, believe it or not.

i love being around him, he is always making me laugh


dear summer 2010,
thanks for being oh so good to me
i owe you..

the most amazing man in the whole world

is my dad

hands down.
i love him so very much its hard to put in words
i love everything about him

he is the best father

and best husband

i love the way he treats the love of his life.
i've never heard him say anything but kind things about her or anyone for that matter
i want my future husband to be just as romantic ..
and as silly..

words that describe wade whiting:

dependable, loyal, honest, punctual, positive, consistant, spontaneous, FUN, loving, spiritual, friendly, wonderful, incredible, passion for living, good sport, accountable, gourmet cook and so much more..

favorite memories with him:

goal stroals, when he acted like he took my birth mark from one arm and had me look at my other arm so i thought it disappeared, singing james taylor to me and adding his own lyrics because he can't remember the real ones, tucked me in at night, let me dance with him while i stood on his feet and took mouse bites out of my food sneakily after telling me to look the other way, getting the best hugs, the way he holds me when my world feels out of my control, the way we enjoy teasy sundays together..
the best part is that we still do these things. i'm not too old.
i'm my daddy's little girl and i always will be.
i am his; fearless girl, genius girl, j marie, angel girl, a business woman, his princess, baby jossie, his miracle girl, personal hair stylist and he once told me that he loves me more than life and mint choco-chip ice cream on a teasy sunday, woah that's a lot.
can you now see why i'm a lucky girl and everyone else that loves this man?

happy fathers day daddy.
don't tell all the other dad's but you are the best there is.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

oh brother

mitch is such a fun brother. we have been spending a lot of time together. we both love games and listening to music, so we could just do that for hours. we went to our favorite: gecko grill and attempted to take a good picture.
attempt one: {didn't get the funny face memo}

attempt two: {figured i'd join in}

attempt 3: {finally got a normal one}

ok.. in reality there were ten attempts and they all look like attempt one.. oh mitch, you make life fun.

yes, yes..

that about sums it up :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

much needed change

so . growing your hair out is so boring, so i decided to get bangs. i like them, especially cause i still have the option of a side swoop. yay for change. dang. i sure am loving this summer of mine.

Monday, June 14, 2010

love story

boy meets girl, they fall in love, she says yes and they tie the knot forever and ever.

yes. sister is married and i've never seen a couple so happy. we all felt like we hit the jack pot getting grafton in the family. it was a very happy day!

i didn't think their smiles could get any bigger.. but they did..

the handsome groom
the gorgeous bride
the proud maid of honor with her precious sister sissys & the sissy in laws
groomsmen the whole gang
the love birds with the family

cutting the cute cake

daddy's little girl

we all danced the night away..

party of the century, no doubt.

and they will live happily ever after..