Monday, June 8, 2009

Roxy & Paco

We watched Marley and Me last night and It made me really miss my dogs. Every morning I woke up to Roxy laying on top of me and Paco either between my legs or under my arms. They are the most loving dogs ever. They can feel when you need love.
Every kid I know loves Roxy and Paco. Dogs are just the greatest (:


Monica said...

They miss you so much!!! They don't know what to do in the morning, they come in the room to sleep with you and you are not there! So sad!:) I'm so glad you have such a love for animals. You are such an amazing loving person! You are my example!

Monica said...

You look like an angel in that picture that you are asleep in! You look like an angel, well you are an angel! I've starred at you since you were a little girl when you were asleep because you are so beautiful. You are my beautiful angel daughter and I miss you :(

Monica said...

actually...they don't even come in my room anymore! how sad! that shows where their love really lies!...i don't blame them :)