Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hike to the Y

Lacey and I decided to hike the Y on Saturday! It was so much fun. . We didn't realize how out of shape we were though.. Good thing it wasn't crowded because It would've been embarassing to see people pass us, go up the mountain and go back down again. It took us two hours to get up and back! :) It was fun though.. we sang songs and when I was tired she told me to not give up and when she was tired I told her to keep going! :) We want to do more hikes and maybe even start jogging a few times a week. Ya. I know. It's truly a new me:) I'm glad I did It because now everytime I see the Y I think Dang, I'm so glad I didn't give up!:)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Lessons Learned

I've been listening to this song all day. Lessons Learned by Carrie Underwood. I love it! My favorite parts are ..

When life gets that much harder,
It makes you that much stronger

Every tear that had to fall from my eyes,
& everyday I wondered how I'd get through the night,
Every change, life has thrown me,
I'm thankful, for every break in my heart,
I'm grateful, for every scar.
Some pages turned,
Some bridges burned,
But there were,
Lessons learned.

Its so true. I have learned so much these past few months. I wouldn't trade them for anything. I love being in Utah. I love proving to myself I can move away from my family. It makes me feel so independant. I really never thought I could do it. I can do anything Now. Anything.
We have WAYYY too much fun jammin out in lacey's car. Can't you tell?

Tonight was so much fun. It was our first weekend living in Utah! We are seriously CRAZAY! We are loving every second we have before starting full time school. Tonight we watched John Tucker Must Die with Kaitlyn Shepard at her Aunt's house. The guy in it is hot!

Her aunt had the BIGGEST dogs I've ever seen! If I saw them in the dark, I would mistake them for a bear. No Joke.

*It is now 1:30 a.m. and we are having hot chocolate. Only in utah can you have hot chocolate in the summer. WOW. We are having way too much fun. We aren't going to know what to do when we have to go to bed early for 8 hour days at school.

p.s every night we end up looking up pictures of our favorite boys. Tonight we found good ones.

It's a wonderful world

We went on a picnic today. It

so much fun.

Who knew we could

take so many

pictures by using the self timer

on my camera? It was a beautiful

Day. <3

Utah: my new home

Song of the Day.

Chorus from Boston

I think I'll go to (Utah).
I think I'll start a new life
I think I'll start it over
Where NO ONE knows my name.

*I'm here. . and no one knows my name. It's a crazy feeling. I love it though. I needed to start over and am so glad that Utah let me come. I'm excited to start meeting people and to start school.

I've been thinking about the conference talk "Get on with our lives" lately. These are my favorite parts. The four steps that help us prepare for change.

-How can we then best prepare for the changes we must face as we progress through life?

First, follow the prophets. Listen to and abide by the counsel. Prophets often raise a voice of warning but also provide steady counsel to help us weather the storms of life. “Whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same.” Prophets help us confront the changes and challenges we constantly face.

Second, keep an eternal perspective. Understand that change and challenges are part of God’s plan. By design life is a time of testing or a time “to see if they will do all things whatsoever the Lord their God shall command them” In order to test our use of our God-given agency, we as mortals undergo a series of changes, challenges, trials, and temptations as we proceed through life. Only then are we properly tested.

“For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things. If not so, . . . righteousness could not be brought to pass, neither wickedness, neither holiness nor misery, neither good nor bad”
Life’s challenges and changes provide opportunities for us to grow as we exercise our agency in making righteous decisions.

Third, have faith. President Gordon B. Hinckley always encouraged members of the Church to move forward with faith As we daily confront a world full of negativity, doubt, fear, and even dread can creep into our hearts. “Faith and doubt cannot exist in the same mind at the same time, for one will dispel the other”. In Moroni we read that “without faith there cannot be any hope." We must exercise faith to take on life’s challenges and changes. It is how we learn and progress.

Fourth, be of good cheer. Many of us across the globe are facing challenges. At such times it is easy to feel forgotten. During the early, difficult days of the Church, the Lord counseled the Saints to be happy: “Be of good cheer, little children; for I am in your midst, and I have not forsaken you”

I feel utah is where I'm supposed to be right now. I know Heavenly Father's with me still. He has never left me. It feels so good to be in a place where no one knows my name yet or my situation and I can start over. I LOVE IT!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Life is a beautiful thing

*Wake up time today: 2 p.m.

Lace and I pulled an ALL-NIGHTER last night! We started Lacey a blog and she couldn't stop! I've NEVER laughed so hard in my life. We had wayyy too much fun! We went to THE CUTEST store Cozy to get clothes/shoes for school. We pinky promised to not shop anymore this month. We have to be good so we can afford school. We were thinking about freezing our debit cards like the girl in shopaholic does! Haha! We had way much fun driving down beautiful utah.

I love my roomate. (: We are having WAYYY too much fun!

We went to her brother's frisbee game. It was fun. They have teams and shirts and everything. The weather was AMAZING! I loved sitting on the grass and feeling the breeze and loved the sun shine on my face. I love utah in the summer. SO BEAUTIFUl!

What's going on at home: Lauris went with my parents to Baltimore today and when they got off the airplane my cute little sis started singing "Good morning Baltimore!" Oh how i love her.

She's my sunshine.

Happy Happy Highschool Graduation Sis!

Right before I moved to Utah Lauris Graduated from Highschool! I was such a proud sis! I loved that she spoke at Baccalaureate. She amazes me, She got a full ride scholarship to ASU on academics! My Sis is amazing in SO many ways. She works so hard in all she does! It was so much fun to be able to celebrate with her!

Graduation was an adventure!! It rained the whole time! Everyone had umbrella's! It was nice though because Arizona usually is so hot. The graduates didn't seem to mind at all! Lauris spoke at Graduation also. It was such a good speech. We had a little party for her after with the yummiest cake ever with her picture on it! She is going to go far after Highschool! I can't wait to see what lies ahead for Lauris. She will have such a bright future because she is so positive and works hard in everything she does. I love YOU SIS! I look up to you in EVERY way. Happy Happy Graduation!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Don't know where the future's heading, But NOTHING'S going to bring me down

lyrics from Kris Allen's winning song There are No Boundaries. LOVE ITTT!

3rd Day In Utah!

-Both Slept in til 10:30 AGAIN. We stayed up wayyy too late watching 27 Dresses! We love James Marsden. I mean look at this face. How could you not?

We went to our Cosmetology School today and had to take a placement test..i had to do decimals/division and multiplication.. WOW. Totally thought I forgot how to do that kind of stuff.. but we both passed and are scheduled to start school tuesday! (:
We got free pedicures at the school! It took them an hour and a half, but it was the best pedi we have ever had!
-We went Grocery Shopping and had Landon and Becca over for dinner!
We had so much fun making dinner.

Table's all set :) We made yummy Ritz Cracker Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Caesar Salad!
Our guests!

We made Pazookies and totally ate them out of the pan. They taste better that way. Trust me.

We went to a movie night and watched Forever Strong. We loved it. Such a good feel good movie.. PLUS the guy in it is our new favorite!!

There was a RANDOM chair in a church parking lot and Lacey sat in it and of course as all brothers would do.. Landon wanted to jump over her! I totally took the picture at the right time! Awesome huh?

The night ended well kinda began by dancing in Lacey's car (named She) to Kelly Clarkson at 11:30. Yes. A guy in a car at a stop light saw us dancing and totally jammed out with us. Only In Utah!

It is so good for me to be in a new place although I miss my family. . It's so refreshing to be far away from the place where I experienced hard times. I love it here! My cute Mom, Dad & Sis sent me this picture tonight. These make my day!

p.s its funny how we catch on to eachother's sayings. I say "I lOVE IT" to everything and now Lacey says "I'm not even kidding." We switched.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When certain doors in life close, many other windows are opened

This is my motto right now. I love being in a new place. I feel I can take deep breaths and feel SO free. Lacey and I are loving it so much and Its only the second day and we haven't even met anyone yet! Here are pictures of our cute apartment!!!

-Our cute little table. Notice the adorable Chettah Placemats!!

-Our little picture frame I made Lacey for her 16th birthday! Who knew it would make a cute decoration in our apartment more than four years later??
-Our stove.. We weren't terribly hungry, so we had a cheese crisp last night:)

-Our Fridge: Nothing like a full fridge!
-Our long hallway!

-Our cute bathroom!
-Lace in her room:)
-Her Stash of lotions and perfumes! See Mom. I could've brought mine! HA! But you're right.. less is more!
-My FAVORITE thing about my room. My HUGE closet!!! I went from having a closet in my parents garage that broke all the time to THISSSS!
I know, I know. Too many headbands. I'm an addict.

My Daily Dosage of HOT guys! Hey, a single girl's gotta do what a single girl's gotta do right?

*Story: Life was just dandy and We were going to Walmart again and Lace parked over a puddle and as I was getting out.. my phone OF COURSE fell out of my purse and face planted INTO the huge muddy puddle. It was done for.

$160 dollars later: I got this baby. I love it, but hated that I had to spend that when my phone was fairly new.. dang. I have BAD luck when it comes to electronics, I swear.

Well, We are LOVING utah and We cant wait to see this sexy face live!!

You can never find new oceans unless you learn to have the courage to lose sight of the shore

Yet again our Dove chocolate quote for the day!:)

I couldn't wait to blog about our first day in Utah!

First we both slept in til 10:30. I guess me staying up til 3:30 ish with my Mom the night before and driving ten hours and staying up late to unpack caught up with me! We made a list of things we needed like..

-Dove Chocolate
-wireless internet
-trash bags
-kitchen towels/paper towel rack
-place mats
-a to do list with magnetic

You could only imagine how much fun we had getting this stuff.

First Stop. Walgreens. Ya we had to get our love- Dove Chocolate.

Next Stop: Best Buy. We don't really get how the whole wireless internet thing works. Lace: "Jos, ask a cute guy to help us" Me: Ok! I will! Maybe.. I'm not used to looking for cute guys.. because he was definetly not cute. . but hey, he looked like he was a computer nerd.. that's what we needed right?
So it was really funny because we sounded so dumb when we asked questions about plugging in a router. Last but not least apparently we looked so lost that a guy, not to mention HOT guy asked us if we were looking for the check out! haha. We ruined all chances with that guy. OH WELL!

3rd Stop: Wal Mart. Who knew you could spend almost 2 hours in Wal Mart Grocery shopping and getting stuff for our apartment??
We were so excited because we found a FIVE dollar toaster!! (:
We came back and made our first meal in our apartment- Turkey Sandwich's!
We went to the Mall to check it out and then later on had yummy barbeque dinner with the Heaps and Grandma & Grandpa. So fun!
I love being close to Family. It's so much fun. Little Emily says the cutest things ever and she totally helped me put my clothes in my closet and kept saying Joslyn, I'm so happy you're here!

P.S We bought tickets to the american idol live tour!! YA BABAYYY!

Monday, May 25, 2009

It's Never Too Late For a Fresh Start

This is our dove chocolate quote for the day. LOVE IT!!

Our trip to Utah!! Lacey's brother Landon and his friend Jake drove their truck up with us. Thank goodness or else I dunno how we would have fit our stuff:)

We took random stops on the way..

This made us laugh so hard. Landon took his Mom's flower couch to put in his apartment full of guys! We got a lot of good laughs. Wouldn't you?

We arrived and it was rainy and COLD. Good thing I brought my UGG boots:) It will warm up hopefully? Where's my Arizona Sun?!
Good thing Utah's beautiful and we are loving it so far! We were un packing til 12:30 a.m. What can we say? We were way too excited.

p.s it really feels good having a fresh start. REALLY GOOD
I do miss my family deeply, but its fun getting texts and pictures from them. I'm a lucky girl.

My parents went and got yogurt tonight and sent me this picture. My dad never fails to make me laugh.