Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fall, Fall, Beautiful Fall.

Thought I'd post a few of my favorite pictures from fall before it starts to snow!
We LOVED the fall colors and the crisp air. We took full advantage of it!

 we voted :)
then took our first walk into the parks with the fall leaves!
i just love my handsome man.
what better way to end a date with frozen yogurt?

we had a cozy rainy sunday :)
Beautiful sky on Fairfield Lane.

J's parents came for a visit! We had so much fun showing them around! They loved the west side market! 
and the lakewood park!
the parks are so peaceful during fall.
this tree makes my hair color look dull! haha

We had 10 people stay with us, one couple was Justin's childhood friend and wife.. the others were heading to the BYU- Notre Dame game .. They broke the record of the most visitors at a time in our household!
 Justin was able to see G at the game! Now sis and I wished we would've gone.. It had been over a year, so it made it extra special to get this picture :)
Jill showed me the most amazing pumpkin patch. I want to go every year!
My cute little bella, she loved everything!
The leaves were breath-taking!

Studded my boots! 
Taylor swift came out with her new CD. Of course I went at midnight and have been obssessed ever since!
I threw a shower for my dear friend and made yummy m&m bars:  here 
We did it in a moustache/bow tie theme and it turned out soo cute!
love watching the birds on the wire.
 Cutest little one!
 LOOOVED the yellow flowers by our house!
Made the yummiest toasted ravioli: here we gobbled it up!
 J brought home a kit to show me how he does certain things, impressive :)

 Enjoyed waffles with pumpkin spice and fresh nutmeg on top, with hot chocolate.
 J brought home a new car! I was so suprised, but was glad I didn't have to go through shopping around. We got such a good deal on it, that It would've been stupid to not get a 2012 :) We named him Ziggy, and we are in love.. especially with the bluetooth part!
This sky reminded me of AZ
My mom sent me the cutest pumpkins she made for me:)
I think my family deserves an award for the best costumes ever!
Love our tradition of carving pumpkins, listening to pandora and roasting pumpkin seeds.
Gotta love late night taco bell runs! :)
We went to dinner and bowling. it had been forever since we went. it was a close game:) love that this guy is my forever "date".
Melissa and i went to a color class ! I am now a designer stylist at regis! Yay for promotions!
This is what I had to close the salon in.. the power went out from sandy, Monday night and didn't return til Thursday ! 
We were lucky and had power, so j studied while my hot chocolate and I kept him company:) 
My cute niece got married to her high school sweet heart! So happy for them!
 Had a perfect night with my cute friend,and made the most delicious apple crisp here
Goodbye fall, thanks for wonderful memories.. til next year!