Monday, July 6, 2009

Independance Day!

Let FREEDOM ring!

I had the best fourth everrr! It was so much fuuun having sis here! My friends and I strutted our stuff on university ave on Friday night. Pretty much all of Provo was in sleeping bags "waiting" for the parade the next morning. Let's just say I got three and a half hours of sleep that night.. I woke up to my sis and two cousins jumping on me at seven thirty a.m. It was worth it though!! I went with my family to the Freedom Festival! SOO much fun! It was a blast having Just and Beth with us! My family has way too much fun together. The days are always filled with laughs! We had the BEST bbq ever. The shish-kabobs were amazing. I just love my family!
p.s the weather was sunnnnyy...just how i loooove it!

The night was so much fun! We parked by the stadium of fire and watched the fireworks in a truck filled with love sacs and body pillows and had our own music playing while the fire works went off. FUUN. Traffic was an hour or so getting home. Oh well. Then we met up with Sis and Alexis and went to Sammy's for icecream. So yummy! My new FAV.

*one word . amazing!!


Alix said...

Independence day was a blast with you! I'm glad you had so much fun! You are seriously so cute and I hope we can play more! I'm excited for my hair!!!

marilyn said...

I love your blog, I'm glad you are having so much fun, your life is definetly not boring, I think every minute must be filled, you put a lot into everyday, great to have you here! love you

Boise Buhrley's said...

Love all your pictures you beautiful girl!!
I'm excited for you to cut my fam's hair in a couple of weeks! We booked your entire day!!

Tara said...

Oooo girl you so prettty! I'm so excited for you. I love love love you!:)

Meg said...
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