Friday, June 12, 2009

Kelly Clarkson Concert

I looove spontaneous cheap things.. last week Lindsey asked Lacey and Tara if we wanted to go to Kelly Clarkson's concert for only Fifteen Dollars! We were so excited! It was so much fun!! It sprinkled and had such a beautiful Rainbow! It was such a fun Concert. We danced and sang the whole time! It was fun meeting Lindsey's roomates. They are cute girls! Yay for girls nights and yay for good concerts!


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LACEY said...

i want you you you you you you you ah ah ah ah ah ah i want you!!!!!!!!! this post is precious! i had so much fun dancing and singing in the rain! i want to do it again!!!! you are adorable girly!!! i wish i was as cute as you!!! lloooovee uu!! beadie!!!!