Sunday, December 6, 2009

what a fun suprise

remember my precious dog dolce? i got an email from dolce's current owner pretending that dolce wrote it. it made my day. here it is..

Hi there, Mom:
Merry Christmas. Hope you got our Christmas card. Here is another picture of me in my Christmas sweater (left). Aren't I getting really cute? I went to a dog party the other day at the park, and tomorrow in the morning I am going to meet some doggie friends at our local bakery for breakfast. We sit outside and have so much fun. Thank you again for giving me such a good start in life. I am healthy, happy, and very active. I hope you come to see me when you come to visit Arizona.
Love you lots,

i miss dolce. her owners are the sweetest people for keeping her name and keeping me updated. she couldn't be in a better home. this letter made me tear up. little misses dolce was always there for me. this is a picture of her last christmas when i had her.. she has grown so much. i love this little doggie.


Laurisa Ashley Whiting said...

oh. my. gosh. this is the most precious thing I have ever seen. How sweet of them. It couldn't be more perfect. wow.

Monica said...

That is precious!!! I have never seen a dog lover quite like her. Dolce is in such a good place. She thinks so much of you to take time to send you updates. That picture of last Christmas reminds me how much you loved Dolce. You spoiled her and she felt so loved. I love you~Roxy and Paco love you!

marilyn said...

What great people to be so thoughtful, what a blessing for you to find her such a wonderful home, the Lord is always watching over you and that gives me much comfort!!! love you

Amber said...

SOoooO sweet!