Saturday, December 26, 2009


LOVED being with my tara and willi again. we had so much fun just catching up. we went to forever21 and i told tara to not let me buy anything cause im so poor. of course, i found the cutest leggings and carniegan .. i was in line and she took it away and told me this is my shopaholic rehab .. haha i thanked her:) i love my girls. they are the best.

my linds- i love this girl so much.. and miss living by her. we went to paradise and caught up . im so happy for her.

fun date. i cut his hair, we went to gecko grill (my favorite ever) then we were driving around looking at lights and i said wow, did you see that house?? its DECKED out like a gingerbread house.. haha he said oh really?? did it have skittles on top? it was funny. i know, i say blonde things sometimes.. so then we decided to make a gingerbread house while watching elf. first stop: walmart. . i asked a korean guy "do you have gingerbread house kits?" he said.. ginger? fresh ginger? then he brought us dried pineapple.. haha nick and i ran to the other isle and busted up laughing. second stop: safeway..we searched everywhere then found a gingerbread house already made for fifteen dollars. rip off. third stop: fresh and easy. we finally found what we were looking for.

we had a fun time.. and got into an icing fight. oops

i have loved seeing my friends and making new ones.

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Jason & Melissa Miller said...

Hahaha fun stories! I am glad to see you are home and happy! Looks like you and Nick had a ton of fun on your date! I love gingerbread houses and yours is definitely cute!