Saturday, December 19, 2009

first week

in the beautiful arizona
these are my highlights of my week..
ok, so i had so much fun going country dancing with my sis. she taught the guys everything they know. we had so much fun doing lifts after lifts.

i love how boots, leggings and a short sleeve dress is perfectly fine
a much needed trip to gecko with some of my favorite girls. i loved catching up with them, i'm so glad i live close to them now.

kareoke night at native new yorker.. i sang that don't impress me much {shania twain}
sis and i painted our nails & added glitter of course
shannon's reception.. they were such a beautiful couple, i'm so happy for them. it was so much fun being with my old friends from hs. i love receptions, they make me think about my future wedding reception.
congrats shannon!
then ice skating for a ysa activity.. it was so much fun seeing so many random people

alex is like my brother, i'm so glad he's home and i get to spend time with him before he moves
this is my cute little tree, my parents had in my room when i arrived to arizona

i love being home in arizona and i love this holiday season


Laurisa Ashley Whiting said...

I love you so much and I LOVE that you are enjoying AZ!!! I couldn't be happier about that!! I love your pictures and the time I get to spend and share with you!!

Christina said...

What a great week! BTW, thanks for sharing your cute parents with us this weekend! It was so nice seeing them and chatting! Ooh, how proud they are of you guys! :) (Go figure, they have amazing kids!)

Meg said...

Jos, HOLY COW!! You did all that last week?! SHEESH!! I have NO LIFE!! That would include the whole winter for me!! HAHHAHA No wonder you are broke!! I love you! You are lucky you have dates to pay for you!! I am glad you are so happy!