Sunday, December 13, 2009


last night in utah ever

i love spending time with my tara. we laughed so hard, listened to new christmas music, caught up and country danced the night away..
oh single life how i've missed you.. {kidding}

1st guy
him: so, its ok to ask me out on a date but i'll pay..
me: oh man, i'm moving to arizona tomorrow morning
him: tell your parents to put you in a box and send it to
my apartment then get ready to cuddle and go on a lot of dates.

2nd guy
him: are you good at dancing?
me: umm.. i enjoy it..
him: can i dip you?
me: sure
him: {it didn't go so well so he said..} wow, you're heavy
me: just smiled and said thanks for the dance..
3rd guy
him: so, i wanna be your last kiss in utah
hahahaahahahahaahahahahahaha. oh dear.
4th guy
him: you're so cute, can i have your number?
me: aw, man im moving to arizona tomorrow
him: way to break a guys heart, i just got home from my mission

gotta love utah boys.. oh and i forgot to mention that a couple got engaged in the middle of the dance floor and kissed eachothers faces off after.
oh provo, i have enjoyed getting to know your ways. . now, back to normal dating life. well.. as normal as it gets.

goofy faces
love my tara
one more thing.. i have been proud to say that i have never fallen in the snow, well i have proof that it all changed tonight.

utah is too dangerous for me in the winter.. end of story

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marilyn said...

If you would have stayed the whole winter, you would have become a Utah lover forever, you are a little whimpy sometimes, but I still love you!!!!!!!!!!