Wednesday, December 9, 2009


of listening to the sad songs non stop..

this is my favorite latest happy song:]

"Standing on the border
Looking out into the great unknown
I can feel my heart beating faster as I step out on my own
There's a new horizon and the promise of favorable wind
I'm heading out tonight (three days) traveling light
I'm gonna start all over again

And buy a one-way ticket on a west bound train
See how far I can go
I'm gonna go out dancing in the pouring rain
And talk to someone I don't know
I will face the world around me
Knowing that I'm strong enough to let you go
And I will fall in love again
Because I can

Gonna climb the mountain
And look the eagle in the eye
I won't let fear clip my wings and tell me how high I can fly
How could I have ever believed
That love had to be so blind
When freedom was waiting, down at the station
All I had to do was make up my mind

Well, I have walked through the fire
And crawled on my knees through the valley of the shadow of doubt
Then the truth came shining like a light on me and now I can see my way out
I'm going to do everything.."

i have a one way ticket to arizona and am going to start all over. the temple helped me so much today.. i have a feeling i'm going to get my heart broken many times until i find the one who i will spend eternity with. it will be all worth it someday... because eternity is a long long time.
arizona, here i come in 3 days...


michelle said...

giiiiirl i love this.. 3 days is so soon! yayyyyyyyy youre so inspiring! i love you!

Willi Nixon said...

oooh jos. i miss you already

Ashlee said...

I'm really impressed with your ability to be positive girl. You are amazing : )