Monday, December 7, 2009


ok, so i cant sleep. i felt like blogging. i'm so grateful right now. i love that it's a habit to immediately become grateful when the hard times hit me randomly, fast and hard. i bore my testimony today and was able to express my love for this gospel. i'm so grateful for all my trials that i've had this year. i love my savior and love that he was willing to die for us. i neeeeed to escape to the temple. i wish they were open at 3 a.m. i just love going to the temple every week. it's such a wonderful place to be. i never feel rushed when im inside, i feel so peaceful and that time stops. i know that i can do anything with the lord. i'm so lucky i have him. he will never let me down. . neither will my daddy. not ever. ever. ever. i loved listening to the first presidency tonight. what strong men they are.

{life is good, i can't complain. even though i could.. i refuse. complaining gets you no where in life.}

favorite quote right now..

my yellow brick road leads to a bright future.. i have a feeling :]


Amber said...

I love your gratefulness! What a great habit you have, to turn to Heavenly Father first thing. I love the temple too!

Where do you find such cute graphics? I love the expression on Little Mermaids face. The yellow brick road poster is awesome! I'm missing you! I think our family party with Heaps and Grandma/pa will be on the 19th...will you still be in Utah on the 19th?

Heaps Family said...

Josy I love you so much! We are praying and I even fasted for you yesterday. I just can't get you off my mind. I know great things are in store and you are handling this time in your life so wonderfully!!! I love you.

Monica said...

You seriously amaze me. You are so brave. That little Mermaid does the same faces as you! I love your little mermaid spunkiness that you've always had. You are such an example and strength to all! I am with Jill I know amazing things are in store for you! Can't wait for you to contact that Hair Salon tomorrow, it sounds promising! I too love all the cute images and quotes you find. You are so talented and creative. Remember your mom is always here and loves you with all her heart! I love you my beautiful daughter!

Monica said...

P.S. Laurisa and I get on your blog and let the Christmas music play all day. It makes us so happy and brings back a flood of memories!