Sunday, December 27, 2009

somebody stop me

ok. don't.
i have so much to blog about.. BUT i can't stop making these cute things.. i love being anti social, creating and sewing all day long. is that bad? it's even better than having a boyfriend:] who knew?

if you want some of these beauties.. i have made them special just for you.

what would i do without headbands?? i don't even wanna think about it.. good thing i don't have to.


Sarah Jane said...

I made a headband today with my Mom. It was little too small for my head, so we stuck it in the oven to try and get it hot and stretch it a little. But, the headband completely melted! It was so funny! I'm going to try and re-make it tomorrow...

Your headbands are so cute, though. I am glad you are selling them. xoxo

Monica said...

You are so talented! Love to watch you create. Had so much fun spending time with you! So happy to have you home!