Saturday, December 12, 2009

i love

the heaps!

i spent the night on wednesday night.. it was so much fun.
we went shoe shopping for jac and went to a jewlery party.. emily said she doesn't like jewlery parties cause all you do is look at jewlery. haha, she says the cutest things.

the snow is cold, but it makes pictures prettier:)

em LOVED this polka dotted purse, its amazing how something as cheap as a dollar can bring such a big smile to a little girl. i told her it was her christmas present:)

i tried to teach her the kissy face.. she's pro already .. dont you think?

this girl cracks me up, she's so much fun to be around. we had a conversation that brought a lot of laughs. . it had something to do with rocket dogs and nuggats. . yeah random and a little crazy.. that's how we roll!

the next morning i went with aunt jill to the temple. . it has been so amazing going with her every week, i have loved it and will cherish it forever. she's such a great aunt.

i will miss my heaps so much.


Heaps Family said...

WE LOVE YOU!!! We are going to miss you!!!!!! THanks for spending so many fun moments with us!

marilyn said...

We are all going to miss you, you bring joy and happiness and appreiate the little things the important things like family, thank you Jos for being you (the best you)