Tuesday, December 29, 2009

we can be together forever someday

... this simple phrase was my highlight of the forgotten carols. i had chills when the whole audience sang it together. michael mclean was so entertaining and amazing. this really brought the christmas spirit to my heart. it's AMAZING what music can do, it brings the spirit so strong.
i love this man more than any man in the world.

the whole gang.. yes, we got in trouble for taking pictures in the auditorium. the mom's didn't seem to care.

i have the best siblings ever. i love that we are all so close and continue to grow closer

i love being with these two. they make me happy. i don't even feel like i'm a third wheel

i want a love like my mom and dad have someday..

thank you mommy and daddy for such a wonderful experience.


Heaps Family said...

We miss Josy!!! Come back and play....We love you

Nik and Dawna said...

I love that show!! It's been a tradition the last 10 years. I love singing that little line and then humming Silent Night. So amazing!!! Glad you got to go.
p.s. Nik and I got in trouble one year for taking pics too. Oh well. Gotta capture the moment.

marilyn said...

I loved looking at your blogs, you do have a wonderful family you make everyone happy just watching all of you together, Laurisa looks so happy, I can tell he is a really neat guy!