Tuesday, December 8, 2009

sleep over

with the heaps
we had so much fun playing games while listening to christmas music, drinking hot chocolate and eating homemade carmel popcorn. we played monopoly junior first-- thomas won.. then i knew i could beat him if i taught him skip bo-- NOPE.. he beat me at that, not once but TWICE. i told him thats the last time i teach him how to play games i'm good at..

it was so cute, we were so into our game we didn't notice emily.. she made a stable and was just staring at baby jesus so sweetly. she has the purest heart.

we made crafts too.. and colored.. emily made her own "yummy" pudding drink. it was cute.

uncle matt showed us a video "butterfly circus". it was the most touching story. it's about a limbless man finding something he's good at.. my favorite line in the show is "the greater the trial, the greater the triumph." thanks heaps for letting me spend the night, i can't wait to do it all over again this week :]

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Heaps Family said...

These pictures are AWESOME!!! The kids loved spending the evening with you and I of course, loved going to the temple with you!!! See you tomorrow!!!