Wednesday, December 16, 2009

oh life,

i. love. you.
{although you have been quite a rollar coaster this whole year.}
i will always remember you and thank you for making me strong. i have moved six times since i moved out of my house the first time. i am very adaptable and always ready for a new adventure. utah, you really were amazing and perfect for what i needed in the last six months. arizona, i love you and the weather. i have been enjoying going on walks in the morning.. yes, im working out. finally. i have loved having long talks with my family members. i went on a date last night to ocean blue and have another this weekend. yay for dates with arizona boys. i'm so excited to hang out with my lovely friends here and to see my precious friends from utah. i finished unpacking everything last night at three a.m. it feels good, i have a place here.. now i need to find a job. "everything that's worth having, comes from trials worth withstanding."


Boise Buhrley's said...

I wish I could go on long walks with you in beautiful weather!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love reading your thoughts and inspirational quotes. I am very excited to hear about your new job!!!!!
love you!

Willi Nixon said...

:) i'm so glad you're happy and settled. see you next week!