Monday, December 14, 2009


never felt so good.
this morning i went on a walk with dad, mom and sis. the weather was so beautiful. we had fresh squeezed o.j. and it was heaven. i love my family so much. i'm so thankful to my giving brothers. jake is letting me stay in his room and mitch wanted jake to share a room with him. they are so thoughtful and amazing. tomorrow i'm going to apply to more salons and un pack. i have complete trust in my father in heaven that he will make a way for me to have a great job.first time in my new ward at FHE. it's fun being in the same ward as sis. i love how the gospel is the same everywhere. i love this
church and i love the lessons i have learned this year. i'm so grateful.


Monica said...

What a blessing to have you home! It is better than Christmas! I love having my family all together, there is nothing that makes this mom more happy!!!

Amber said...

Love you!

Jill Rogers said...

WELCOME HOME!! I'm so glad that you were able to go and get away and experience for a while. Sometimes a change of scenery, even if temporary, can do a world of good. Now if I go into labor or start going crazy after the baby is born I know the first person I'll call! I keep hearing what an amazing babysitter you are, gotta tap that! ;-)

marilyn said...

We miss you, but I know you will be successful in doing whatever you need to do, we are happy for you but sad for us, at least we got to have you for a little while, but you don't need to brag about the weather! love you Jos