Wednesday, September 2, 2009

six days

..were spent nannying these cuuute kids! I'm so glad the Dover's flew me out to watch their kids!

while the parents were in new york...

we had a blast too ..

-while the girls were at school we.. played pirates, swam with whales, had sword fights, went on carousel rides, visited the bubble gum machine, went to the playgrounds at san tan, superstition mall, played at chuck e cheese, watched movies, went to chick fil-a, ate pretzels and checked out the disney store.

he absolutely looooved the decorder game that came in his happy meal:) i think i wore them out..

-after school, we went bowling (colby and syd both showed us up with their strikes), swam at hamilton pool (the kids LOVED the whirl pool, slides and lazy river!), played apples to apples, took roxy and paco on walks, painted our nails, watched highschool musical (colby danced and sang just like troy), ate oreo's with milk, made snow cones and just had fun giggling and doing what we are best at.. having fun!
crazy whirlpool!
a little underwater camera fun:)

syd colby and mia are full of love. they clean up after making messes, when its time for bed-- they run in their rooms and brush their teeth/get their pj's on and get ready to read scriptures, they are so adorable, i loved all the hugs and kisses i got.. colby said joswin i love yo and i'm gunna miss yo but i love and miss my parents too. i sure am going to miss these kids. YAY for a fun week!


Monica said...

It was so fun to get to spend time with you and watch you Nanny in action. You are the best Nanny ever and so amazing with children. I can only imagine what an amazing mother you are going to be! Children adore you! You made it so fun for the Dover children while there parents were away! I enjoyed every minute with you!

Kim said...

Oh my word! I am practically in tears! You are the sweetest "Nanny" ever. Seriously. It was so fun to see and read about even more of the fun things that you guys did together!!! Holy cow you were busy! You are so energetic and creative and patient and fun and the kids just adore you- you listen to them and love them and give them all your attention and they loved every second with you. They talk about all you did still all the time! The pics you took are just priceless- so dang cute and fun! You are amazing... you didn't even blog about the lunches you made, picking up from school you did, bathrooms you cleaned, laundry you did, dinners you made, hair you fixed everday for the girlies, etc! Whew. I don't know how you did it all but we so appreciate you and think the world of you! Thanks again!!!!

marilyn said...

Jos you are amazing what fun memories you made for them, I hope you are feeling better, we miss you and can't wait to get you back where you belong in UTAH love you