Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Uh huh..

i think i just might.. & my made up fortune is:

-i will find a job in a hair salon
-stay warm this winter
-buy a car soon
-see sis asap
i'm getting applications and turning in my resume tomorrow. i'm a little nervous.. this is all new to me.. but i'm so excited. fearless is still my motto. i'm so very thankful for my life. i'm so blessed to have a heavenly father who loves me, a family who believes in me and friends who spend time with me. i still feel stronger every day, i'm thankful that the hard things i've been through in my life have slowly faded away and seem like bad dreams. time heals, the lord hears prayers, christ feels our pain and forgiving and forgetting is possible. i want to serve, learn more about this true gospel, become closer and closer to christ and love every second of my life.

p.s i saw the cutest old couple today walking hand in hand at a park. i will have that someday. i know my future husband is out there and i can wait for him.. he's worth the wait.


Nik and Dawna said...

I love your positive attitude. It truly is contagious!!! And husband is out there and you are gonna be one cute old lady holding your husbands hand all the day long! This thought brings a smile to my face for me and for you!
Good luck with the resumes and interviews!


Monica said...

I love this post it made me cry! You are truly amazing! I love how you look at life and are my inspiration!

Jill Rogers said...

Good luck with the job hunt!! It's a GREAT way to meet guys by working in a Salon ;-) Have you gone to any of the institute dances at UVSC? Those are MAD CRAZY! SOOO much fun-

There are so many great places around there to work. If it were ME, I'd hit up Aveda (University Mall), and David Douglas (Riverwoods Mall- LOVE THEM!!). Although I wonder if you could work in the salon on campus at's really boring down there, but it'd be a job!