Friday, September 18, 2009


80's dancing with michelle & micall in slc.

--danced all night long and gave out my number to alot of strangers..

one word: blast.

yes, i would like to live in the eighties..



Monica said...

Looks fun! I'm so glad that you weren't born in the 80's because then you wouldn't be my daughter! LOVE YOU TONS!!!

marilyn said...

you are crazy but I love you I had to laugh when grandpa said (about your outfit) can you take it back? You look cute no matter what but that was the brightest outfit I ever saw on a bright shining precious girl, you really can look good in anything but what next I think I'm a little afraid ha ha love you

Amber said...

I can just imagine Dad asking if you could take it back. Very funny. Looks like fun! Love you!