Thursday, August 27, 2009


The Dovers called me and said they wanted to fly me down to babysit their cute kids for 5 days while they went to New York! I was so excited! I hadn't been back to visit Az yet since I moved! I told my Mom BUT decided it would be fun if I made it a secret for the rest of my family!! I got in on Monday and went to Habit (my dream salon) to get my haircut! It's shorter than I've ever had it and I LOOOOVE it! Then I called Sis.. this is how it went. .

me: SIS! HAPPY first day of college!!!:)
her: thanks sis, i love and miss you.
me: what are you up to today?
her: i'm getting ready for a nap..
me: ok, i'll let you nap.. love you
--one minute later.. i pop in her room. . she was sitting on her bed and she jumped and was really really shocked and didn't know how to feel then she squeezed me for a good 3 minutes and said she was so happy i was home:).

I suprised my Nana, Dad and my boys. I loved suprising everyone!

We went to dinner at Rustler's Russe! It was SUCH a fun night! I got to celebrate my 21st with my family too:) This place is a country girls dream-- and I'm a country girl. I was in heaven. . You get to the tables by going down a slide! Then they had a live country band! My nana told them it was my birthday and they played kenny chesney songs for me! These 14 year old girls tried to be my friend and when they found out I was 21 they said.. ohhhh, we thought you were our age! haha! I've come to the conclusion that I do look 14/15 after all. OH WELL. I have to get over it i guess. . It was such a fun dinner, I loved being with my family. They are amazing! They brought me a thing of cotton candy with a candle in it!! It was so much fun because I LOVE cotton candy! My family spoiled me with headbands, dove chocolate, the cutest clothes from urban outfitters and an adorable skirt that my boys picked out for me. We danced on the dance floor and sang to country songs. I had my family, country music and good food. What more could I ask for?

The next day Mom and I went to my FAVORITE gecko grill with jacki.. I have been craving their fiesta tacos and bean dip ever since I left.. Then we went to Forever21 (aka heaven) I was so anxious to use my gift cards I got for my birthday.. Susie spoiled me with one too! I was so excited..

I'm pretty sure I bought the whole store.. This is what happens when a girl whose been so frugal has been given gift cards/birthday money for her favorite store..

i'm in heaven feeling the warmth of the arizona heat every day. i love being home with my family and friends.

to be continued:)


Meg said...

HOLY COW GIRLIE!! That looks like loads of fun in every shot!! Lovin the hair!! You rock short hair my girl!

marilyn said...

Love your hair! You better have bought a coat remember you don't have a warm one! I'm so glad you are having such a great time, with your great family you deserved to have a wonderful 21st birthday and you surely did! Love and miss you remember you belong in Utah

Mm said...

you're so lucky you got to go home!!! and your time there looked SO FUN! i am jealous:) you are adorable.

Monica said...

Love having you home! It is heaven having my family all together. Such a fun night celebrating your 21st. A memory I'll always remember! I am the luckiest mom in the world to be blessed with such a beautiful, sweet, kind, amazing daughter! I love you and am enjoying every minute of your visit!!!

Heaps Family said...

WOW! What a total blast! I am so glad you are having such a great time with your family. Just don't have too much fun you won't want to come back to your Utah family! Love you

mckayland said...

i found your blog a while ago and decided it was super cute and that i would keep checking up on it. utah seems to be a blast for you and that is awesome!

ps. i think the next time you come down, you should host a headband making party. i love your cute accessories and would love to learn to make one.

brittney (mccleve)