Friday, September 4, 2009


"if you live to be a hundred
i want to live to be a hundred minus a day
so i would never have to live a day without you."

--dinner & date with sis went a little like this:

dinner: paradise bakery (my first meal since monday since i was sick- yuuum)

this meal and being with this girl= paradise.

we had a good dinner-- we both loved how the food made our tummy's feel.

next stop/

movie: post grad. SO stinkin cuute.

i love nights with my sis.

life's just too good, but i'm ok with it.


Laurisa Ashley Whiting said...

OH how I love yoU!! you are the best sister...not to mention the most the whole world!! I love spending time with you!! thank you for not going home on tuesday :) yay!

Monica said...

There is nothing that compares to a sister's LOVE!!! Nothing makes this mother happier than to see the LOVE that you two share!