Sunday, September 13, 2009


Tara bought me a plane ticket to come see her in colorado for my birthday:) I'm a spoiled girl! It had been 3 months since we had seen eachother... that's a record, so we had to change it! Colorado is so beautiful and it was so much fun seeing where tara and kyle live!

Some Fun Things we did..

-watched 3 chick flicks
-went to dinner at red robin,
-bbq with kyles platoon
-grocery store 3 times
-taco bell, of course
-ate yummy homeade banana bread
-toured the military post
-went to garden of the gods
-had a picnic with subway sandwichs
-drove a lot:) (they live on the very edge of town)
-saw a dead racoon.. tara told me to look and i did, ew
-shopping and decided that its not fun when you're poor..
-taco bell, of course
- i watched army wives with her:)
-loved catching up and laughing
- went to cute little downtown shops & pretended that $70 dollar shirts are cheap

funny story: so i get to the airport and the guy who was checking my id said in a very serious voice.. sorry, you can't go forward.. we don't let the cute ones on.. one second later there was a chinese man that said yo so cute. wow, that's the last time i'm getting ready for the airport..ha

some of my favorite pictures from the trip..

We've been through SO much together. Our friendship started our sophmore year in highschool and has continued to grow. I love this girl so much..

favorite memories throughout the years:

-deep talks every day in the lunch line all through high school:)
-watching a little princess
-taco bell .. she knows what i like and orders for me everytime
-rocky point
-making dinner for our guy friends
-format concert
-turkey avocado sandwichs
-gecko grill
-driving around in the red convertible listening to taylor swift
-fake prom
-all our fun memories in utah
-the quote here comes the sun got us through hard times
-colbie cailat
-girl night--bowling
-six flags/california - gretchen-- "you're making me look bad"
-the song "stay beautiful"

I put together some collages of pictures of us through out the years.

i love tara cottam.
the end.

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