Friday, September 4, 2009


no work, no school = playyyy

we couldn't get a job without having our licences in the mail, so we took advantage.

this was such a spiritual experience for me. i loved listening to all the talks and took good notes. thank goodness for this gospel.

seven peaks. lets just say we had a blast soaking up the sun, going down the slides and checking out the cute guys..of course we would.

becca's bridal shower. one of the best shower's i have been to. it was so much fun to see old friends, play fun games and meet new girls. congrats becs!

we rented movies and dreamt of being with zac.. why am i so obsessed with him??

we went to the loft and danced the night away, such a fun night.

we went with boys to heber and enjoyed a nice campfire under the amazing stars and they had random light up glasses and necklaces for us:)

grandma took me shopping for my birthday at forever21, so much fun.

i danced with complete strangers, i recommend doing it at least once in your lifetime.

i love the temple. we went to salt lake, walked around and enjoyed every second.

as you can see, we had so much fun. i'm so excited to get my licence so i can really start looking for a job. i'm still having fun til then:)

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Christina said...

What a beautiful picture of you with the temple! I love it! I love when you get 'forced' to play! :)