Thursday, September 3, 2009


this is my new motto for these past few days..
my mom and i have been laying on the couch since monday and we're still on it and its thursday night.. i caught the flu and now have the worst head cold of my life..i haven't been sick for like four years so i guess i deserve it. i have the best little mommy, she catered to my every need- massaged my feet and my back while being sick. i'd say that's true love for ya. we've watched like six movies and have tried to joke about being sick. i'm sad that i'm sick while visiting in az.. but i have my family surrounding me.. they are my lemon bars.


Meg said...

So Sweet! So if I get sick, are you gonna take care of me next week?! LOL I love Lemon bars! LOVE U

Monica said...

You make me hungry for lemon bars! When you get well were going out and having lemon bars! I love you little daughter. It has been a treat getting this time together even if you are sick you are still fun and can still make me laugh! You are always so positive and have the cutest questions!

Boise Buhrley's said...

SO sorry Jos. SO,so sorry! I know it's not fun being sick in AZ when you want to play....but I am really glad your mommy could take care of you. I love you!!