Sunday, September 13, 2009


I'm having so much fun in this place called provo, utah.. maybe too much fun??

-seven peaks at night.. lets just say water slides are way more fun when the sun is down.
-keith urban.. OK, this definetly goes down as being the best concert i've ever been to. he was so amazing in every way.. not to mention very sexy. we jammed out like always. i love good music.

-night with russ.. we made dinner together, played my 3 favorite games.. uno, sequence and skip bo then watched marley and me. i love playing games with him because i usually beat him.. but that kinda changed a tiny bit..

-party that 4,000 people attended (no joke). it was so much fun.. dancing, food, volleyball, swimming and pretty much anything else you can imagine. it was held at an amazing gigantic house.. it was fun catching up with people who i haven't seen or talked to for awhile.

i have the best girlfriends

& the best roomate


i'm loving this time in my life. i know when i'm married and am old i will look back at this time and my life and smile.

dear cosmetology licence,
pppuhlease come in the mail soon, so i can start job searching


Monica said...

How fun!!! It does my heart good to see you so happy. I love seeing you play games with Russ! You need to let him win sometime! I missed you when you were in Colorado. I miss talking to you! Call me tomorrow! I want to hear all about it!

Willi Nixon said...

i'm so glad you're happy here :) i can't wait to see you again