Monday, September 21, 2009

A Wonderful, Wonderful Weekend

yepp. we had so much fun AGAIN! hard to believe?? well.. BELIEVE IT!

first:neon dancing in slc! best dancing night of our lives! the studio was awesome!! we enjoyed going all out with our neon attire..
lace had never ever been to carrabas. . so we had to change that.. it was so funny being in our neon outfits at a nice restaurant and we kept running into people we knew!

i painted my nails my bright bright pink in the car and who would have guessed that this is the way to go.. they dried in like 10 seconds out the window:)
BAD idea to wear flip flops to a dance with hundreds of people.. i have half a toe nail now.

second: beauty school grad! it felt so good to realize that i have completed 2,000 hours of schooling and made such amazing friends.

beautiful bride to be!
i love my micall
& my michelle
third: christine's bridal shower:) she is going to be the most beautiful bride. her and her fiance are so cute! CONGRATS CHRISTINE!! we played fun games had yummy food and cookies;) it was a very fun shower
& ended the night dancing at the loft. fourth: sunday night: dinner at andrews and jared's place

they made us the most gourmet dinner.. perfect steak, amazing asparagus, homemade bread & not to mention the delicious brownie with topped with vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate syrup and rasberry's. impressive. crazayyy kids
jared & lace

andrew & i

this guy is so much fun to talk to and laugh with.
[a wonderful night to end a wonderful weekend]

**here's to a new week for job searching!


Laurisa Ashley Whiting said...

oh i LOVE this post! wow sis. Utah treats you VERY welL!! Jealous!! ha. I love you so much. I'm so glad you are having so much fuN! you have such a wonderful life! I'm so lucky to be a part of it, and to get all the details about everything you are doing!! TEN DAYS!

Monica said...

What a fun weekend! Wow guys making you and Lacey dinner--how fun! Love to see what you are up to! This is going to be a great week for you---I feel a job coming! Miss you tons!

Caitlin said...

im dying for your cheetah cardigan!!!

marilyn said...

when do you not have a fun weekend or any day for that matter, you are so dang cute and we love seeing you have so much fun, Jos was made for Utah sorry Ariz people she is here to stay!

Monica said...

Love those cute tootsies! Seeing them makes me miss you! I used to always do "This little piggy" with them!