Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy 19th Laurisa Ashley!

Happy Happy Birthday to the most beautiful girl in the whole world. I don't even know where to begin with how I feel about my Sis. The day she was born I told my parents that I was so excited because now I have a "real" dollie. She is my little dollie.. except she's taller than me now. She is my everything and I'm so lucky that I have her for eternity.

We've always been best friends. Some of my favorite childhood memories with sis are
- coloring for hours
-playing games/crafts in tents
-singing spice girls on tables
-playing house/ school (i was always the teacher!)
-sleepovers in eachothers bed ALL the time
-doing musicals together
-dress ups
-being eachothers biggest fans.
- i loved to match my sister.. there was one time in my life where i told her i was too old to match her.. (she cried) i got over it and we still match today:)

My favorite pictures of my sis. mostly because they make my day because she takes them for me and sends them to me to make my day a happy one.

19 things I love about Sis

1. She is ALWAYS postive, NO MATTER what!

2. Her long brown hair, big brown eyes and cute little freckle on her lip

3. She has the same size feet as me

4. Her laugh that is the happiest, cutest laugh in the whole world

5. Her soft cheeks:)

6. The amazing singing voice she has

7. Her love for dancing, performing.. she lights up the WHOLE stage everytime

8. She makes friends so easily
9. That she knows me inside and out and still loves me:)
10.She finishes my sentences
11. Her strong testimony and willingness to always do the right thing
12. Her heart of gold and strong heart
13. How she is beautiful without makeup and in a big t shirt and sweats
14. She does everything she puts her mind to..she's my genius girl
15. She makes you happy when she's near

16. That she loves bright colorful happy things

17. That she's my best friend

18. She gives the best hugs in the whole universe

19. I love that I would be with her every second if I could

I could go on for hours with all the reasons I love Laurisa Ashley Whiting! I'm so glad today we can celebrate the most amazing girl's birth. Thanks Sis for making me the happiest girl in the world and for making the 19 years of my life wonderful. Even though we are miles apart.. you're always in my heart. I'm so glad we have forever! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Monica said...

This made my heart so happy! You two are such a blessing in each other's lives! And I am so blessed to be your mom! I love all these pictures! You have such a rare, amazing relationship that is priceless and eternal! Do you remember me always saying that I had you so you could be best friends. It is so true---I'm so thankful you two are BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!!

marilyn said...

Sisters Forever that is perfect I love these pictures they are so precious, I remember how much Jer and Jus like to show you off to their friends, you could be sound asleep and they would wake you up to perform and you always came through, I especially loved when you sang your "sisters" song, I just love how much you love each other, thanks for being the greatest sisters ever!!! love you and Happy Birthday Laurisa!!!!

Binz said...

AWWW this is so cute! reminds me how much I love and miss my sister. Arent sisters just the best???!! Tell her happy birthday from me!! Love ya!

Laurisa Ashley Whiting said...

oh sis!!! this about made me cry!! You are THE most amazing sister in the whole world!! oh you make me so happy! You have made my life so wonderful since the day I was born! I am SOOO lucky!! I love you with all my heart, and I ALWAYS will!! I love this so much, thank you thank you thank you!!! you're so incredible. I'm so lucky you're my best friend for eternity!!

Amber said...

What a sweet post. I love how close you two are. Makes me smile! Life is really awesome, isn't it? We're so lucky to have close family.

A sleep over would be super awesome!! Let's plan the party!

Christina said...

I love seeing how much you all love eachother! You guys are amazing! How fantastic to have a best friend built into your family!