Tuesday, September 8, 2009

tucson, oh tucson

My family and i took a tiny trip to beautiful Tucson. First, we got to enjoy a beautiful sunset then an amazing rain storm. We played skip-bo in the hotel room with the back door opened while listening to the rain. I loved every second of it. My Dad was a good sport, I randomly would try to make conversations with him across the table during the game. I don't think I wanna play Lauris in skip-bo ever again, because she wins everytime. My parents love to read before bed and I giggled when I realized that no one else but them can sleep with a light on. Some of my favorite moments are when we all share a room in hotels.
We hiked Sebino Canyon and lets just say I survived. Hiking while being congested is everything but pleasant. I was struggling in the begining of the hike, then remembered I could do hard things so I decided to pick up the pace and lead my family:)

We sang old girls camp songs, and dad was memorizing church stuff. I was very entertained.

It was very refreshing to finish a four mile hike in the cold water. Arizona is so beautiful.

my dad- my favorite man in the whole world.

i love family trips.


Cassie Levi said...

you seriously have the cutest family :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful trip and fun memories.
(Way to conquer the hike!!)

The picture with you and your dad-
made my eyes water.:)
love you girl!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know WHY my comment posted under "awesome"??? So weird, I've never seen that before??


Monica said...

This post made my day, because I was so sad leaving you at the airport today! I just love spending time with you! You truly are my best friend and I enjoyed every minute of our time together, even being sick on the couch and falling in and out of conscienceness while watching movies!
I love this post, because I love having our family together. We have so much fun together and I feel like we grow and learn so much from each other! Thanks for staying and going on our get-a-way with us! It truly wouldn't have been the same without you!!!

marilyn said...

Your hike was beautiful wish we could have gone with you, I love hiking especially beautiful places, I love the picture of you with your dad I agree you do have a great dad, he love you sooooo much, glad you are "home" now we missed you love you

Willi said...

joslyn i love you so much. you are such a positive person and can always bring joy to your family and friends. hurry up and get your butt to utah!

Amber said...


I look forward to time with you!