Wednesday, January 6, 2010

win some, lose some

we went bowling as a family plus g. it was so much fun. the first game was cosmic bowling, the songs were good but not great.. i lost the first game.. everyone else beat me. the second game however was amazing.. thanks to the girl empowered songs i was dancing and singing the whole time.. and YES.. you guessed it.. i beat EVERYONE:]
we had such a fun time bowling..
these are faces of pros..

the dissapointed..
and the happy!!
then g treated us to mesa fro yo. mmm. i love that place.
{vanilla with the house special gets me everytime}


Laurisa Ashley Whiting said...

hahahah this is hilarious!! I love it so couldn't explain it better :)

Monica said...

You are an amazing bowler girl! ALL those Monday bowling nights paid off! What a fun day! I just love love love my family! You are all so fun to be around!!! Made my day!

marilyn said...

I've never seen bowling look so fun, you guys are all so cute and crazy! love you

Chris and Abby said...

Nice work at dominating the bowling alley :) Looks like so much fun and I miss Mesa fro yo!!! Everytime I come down to the valley I insist on a yogurt stop.

Rob+Sheree said...

Jos! We need to get together por favor. How was your Christmas? I loved being home.