Monday, January 18, 2010

best weekend

of my life..
friday: got the job of my dreams at luxe salon and took a road trip to cali
sat:two words-disney land
as you can tell im one happy girl...

we did a lot of things like.. -celebrated life.

when we were buying our tickets the lady asked g are you guys celebrating anything? g said of course, my good friend joslyn got a good job and we are celebrating life.. so they gave us "im celebrating" pins to wear around all day:]

-took a picture with mickey with his party hat on
-were sent to jail at toon town for having too much fun
-stood in line for our favorite rides and loved every second
-went to the tiki room, had pineapple icecream and made faces like the tiki statues
-got churros
-saw pierce brosnan eating his popcorn
-got pictures with goofy and minnies mailboxes cause we couldn't find them
-drove a really cute teal car

sis and i had so much fun with eachother and with these two boys

dear disneyland,

i'll be back soon. i promise

love me.


Cara said...

SO jealous! D-Land is my favorite place ever and if I could I would live there. Congrats on the job too! Is it located in Mesa, Gilbert...?

marilyn said...

I was wondering when you were getting home, I just said my prayers and asked for you to get home safely, I can't wait to hear about your job, call be Thursday your first day, its so exciting I knew you would find the perfect job just didn't know when. Love you

Amber said...

Super congrats on your new job!!!!!!!! Megan interviews next week. Wish her luck! Disney land is the perfect way to celebrate. I'm so happy for you! Wish you were here so we could celebrate here! I'll be waiting for a post to hear all about your job. LOVE YOU!!! You deserve a BIG celebration. =D

Chris and Abby said...

What a fun weekend in cali! I love Disneyland and hope to make it there soon.. Super cute pictures :) Also.. CONGRATS on your Job! I'm stoked for you... def something exciting to celebrate about. You guys are all too cute!