Wednesday, January 6, 2010


to the oh so fine pine.

with my girls.

we mostly watched movies, slept, talked, laughed and got the royal treatment by nana.

we went riding in the snow.. call us crazy.

haha. i love this cute face of britts. we vote this should be on a jones soda bottle.

cait and i holding on for dear life:]

i love her

and her

we played skip bo, listened to music, drank hot chocolate and ate salt and vinegar chips all at the same time. new favorite.

britt had a sore on the top of her mouth and she continued to eat the chips even after it made her cry. i've never laughed so hard in my entire life.

britt made me laugh the whole time.. when we put the logs into the fire she said, "if i were a boy, i'd do this with no shirt and jeans on" classic

there's nothing like getting warm and cozy in the woods when their is snow on the ground. i love ESCAPING to the snow and living in the warmth.

i'm so glad my girls and i were able to get away.



Caitlin said...

aaaahahah you are so cute! p.s. thanks for cropping my grandpa pants out of that pic haha. See you tonight mama!!

Natalie said...

you girls are SO cute. can i be you?!

and your HEADBANDS! where in the devil did you get those?!?!?

Monica said...

now I am even sadder that I couldn't come~! You have the best girl friends! You are so blessed!