Tuesday, January 12, 2010


..i think to myself.. what a wonderful world.

i loved our little weekend road trip to flagstaff. it was such a fun getaway. i loveLOVElove that you can drive two hours away and visit snow, then come back to the warmth.
i loved spending time with my tara. she's such an amazing person and friend.

we drove to sedona and hiked to devils bridge.

i love being her sister

and i love these two together.

the whole gang!!

beautiful, beautiful.

we had a fun time together..

incase you didn't notice.. 1.2.3. JUUUMP!!

things that were brought to my attention:

i am an ogar according to g (because ogars are like onions they have layers) so i had layers of clothing i kept taking off. . therefore i'm an ogar.

tara and i weren't afraid to go potty 3 times in the great outdoors

boys can make yummy breakfast

listening to disney music while driving in the " bumpity" hills is very fun

talks in the car can be very deep

waiters can think onion rings are onion strips

tennis balls do not cure knots in your back according to g

and flagstaff is a fun getaway.

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