Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the hike

to the superstition mtns..
was tough, fun, beautiful, lovely and exhausting
we found some tools along the way
so pretty.
i loved listening to tunes while doing a challenging hike
dang, i just love arizona.
top of the world

i think im begining to like hiking..:]
i had a fun time getting to know new people, stretching myself and enjoyed this wonderful world that heavenly father created for us.. i was sore the next couple of days. i complained often, ask my family if you don't believe me..

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marilyn said...

Jos you do love hiking, I told you, that you would, I guess you like hiking in Ariz. better than in Utah, I'm glad you are having soooo much fun, I thought of you all day today, knowing you were at your new job, I'm soooo happy for you, you just kept trying until you got the right one, great job!!!!! love you